Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sometimes Men With Muscles Scare Me

I'm a pretty tough chick most of the time. I kill my own spiders (granted I freak out a little and feel like they are crawling on me for next 10 minutes, but I still do it), I hike up mountains, I take out the trash, I wakeboard, I assemble my own furniture and I hang my own pictures. I consider myself an independent woman who takes care of herself and doesn't take crap from anyone.

Yeah, I'm tough like that.

At the gym last night, right in the middle of their busiest time, I strutted up to the free weights section to work on my arms. I used to rarely venture into the "man zone" as I liked to call it, but since I have been working out with my personal trainer boyfriend ED I have become a lot more confident in my ability and my knowledge of what to do with all those dumbbells.

So I strutted up there, full of all my tough girl confidence, wearing my pink workout clothes and black workout gloves with the fingers cut out and began going through the exercises ED had shown me. I glanced in the mirror and saw two muscle heads working out together and looking at me. No biggie I thought, I'm sure I'm just blocking their view of the mirror. I scooted down a little and started on my next exercise.

The few girls who were also brave enough to be in the "man zone" slowly disappeared and in their place sweaty men with wandering eyes emerged. I continued on. A large serial killer looking man walked between me and the mirror, staring at me while he does so and positions himself next to me still looking right at me.

That's when panic started to set in.

Everywhere I looked I felt eyes on me. Man eyes on me. Apparently all of the women in the gym, including Karina the Russian, were upstairs in the Zoomba class. My heart started to race for reasons other than my work out until finally, in the middle of a set; I had to get out of there.

I left because too many men encroached in my space... at a gym… in the “man zone”.

So much for my tough girl persona.

Am I alone here? Do you ever get intimidated when you go to the gym?

Blogfully yours,



kel said...

The only time I ever got intimidated was the time I went biking before I went to the gym, didn't change my clothes, and proceeded to lift weights. Then I discovered a giant sweat stain on my blue pants that looked EXACTLY like I'd peed myself.

Left quite soon after that.

Boys drool, girls rule.

Peace out.

Susan Mercedes said...

In order to avoid any chance of feeling intimidated, I've opted to never go to the gym. Well, without my personal trainer. I'm a wuss like that.

Summer said...

Kel - no surprise there. You are one of the toughest chicks I know!

Susan - if only I was actually paying my trainer. That way maybe he would work around my schedule!

Anonymous said...

Summer, you're pretty hot....they were probably just checking you out

Princess of the Universe said...

Yes, no doubt they were just checking you out - too bad they had to be so creepy about it though...

Summer said...

Anonymous and P of U - thanks! I suppose guys at the gym check out girls as if they are a giant steak that they are going to cut up into pieces and eat... at least that is the vibe they give off.

J-Money said...

As a six-day-a-week weightlifter, I've learned that if dudes in the gym are big enough to be classified as looking like serial killers, chances are they're not interested in anything that doesn't involve raising heavy chunks of metal above their heads.