Friday, May 29, 2009

Stress is a Real Buzz Kill

Did you know that holding stress inside for prolonged periods of time can make you physically ill? True story. In fact, it can make you so sick that you have to give up the things you love in order to get better - doctors orders!

I had written a post over the weekend (that I chose not to post) titled "Some Stories Are Not Meant To Be Told". It was basically about holding painful memories back and how it is probably the "right" thing to do.

Apparently... I was wrong.

I am now on a "bland" food diet until I get my "stress/gut symptoms" back under control. That means no spicy food, no acidic food, no greasy food, no chocolate, no alcohol, oh and no coffee or soda! Yeah, so basically what I am telling you is that holding stress inside has ruined my life... at least for the next week or so.

I highly recommend you find ways to communicate your stress, maybe see a counselor or hit a punching bag, that you will not end up like me - sober and eating oatmeal.

Blogfully yours,


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grace in (very) Small Things

I haven't been posting so far this week because, well, I feel like crap. Sometimes when I don't feel well, I write more because it occupies my mind.

This is not one of those times.

So today I am going to give you another installment of Grace in Small Things.

1. My Mom, or "Doctor Mom" as I have been calling her.

2. A doctors office who can see you in under 24 hours.

3. My new pink iPhone cover (courtesy of Sarah).

4. ED and Karina The Russian becoming friends.

5. Flip Flop weather.

Blogfully yours,


Monday, May 25, 2009

Backhoe Drivers Are Assholes

A few weeks ago I went hiking with my group up Parleys Canyon. We took 3 shuttle cars to the top of Parleys summit, drove down a dirt road and hiked the Alexander Spring Trail - a leisurely 5.3 mile which is mainly downhill.

The hike was beautiful, but then again, there are not many hikes in Utah that are NOT beautiful. We saw a lot of moose tracks and enjoyed each others company.

Here I am in my typical "Happy Hiker" pose.

When you are in the middle of such a beautiful valley, what can you possibly have to NOT smile about...?

We get to the bottom of the trail where 2 other cars had been dropped off. The first car loads up the shuttle car drivers and heads back up to the top. A few minutes later we get a call from one of the drivers saying that someone had driven their backhoe onto the middle of the dirt road so that it is blocking the trail. Going around it is not an option because on one side there is a steep cliff and the other side there is thick vegetation. There is no company name on the tractor or phone number.

Freaking-fabulous, right?

Fortunately we still had one other car with us at the bottom. Unfortunately we had around 12 people show up for this hike so 3 of us had to wait while the car ran a load of passengers to their cars a the mouth of the canyon.

As confused and annoyed as we were for our fellow hikers who were going to have to leave their cars for the night, and even though we were having to huddle together to avoid freezing to death (that may be a slight exaggeration), we still found reasons to smile.

Maybe it was the trail mix... but more likely it was knowing an ice cold beer (or two... or three) was waiting to reward our patience when we got to the bottom.

Blogfully yours,


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Park Lunch With the Russians

I was tired (and by tired I mean too busy trying to catch up on my DVR shows) last night and didn't get a new post written. I decided to bring my laptop with me to work so that I could write on my lunch break. So, since it's lunch time and since I am sitting in a Russian owned coffee shop plus I have these adorable pictures I have not shared... here you go!

My darling BFF, Karina the Russian, often joins me for lunch and brings along her (our) 2 beautiful Russian children. On this particular beautiful spring day last week, we decided that lunch should consist of pizza at the park. The kids couldn't have been happier with this idea.

We soaked up as much sun and grease as we could. Karina commented on how it was so beautiful that you don't even need to close your eyes to "create a moment". Creating a moment is something we often do. You simply take a bite of food, shut your eyes and focus on simply being in that moment closing out all other thoughts. We even do this with the kids so when Dimitri heard his mom say this he promptly spoke up, "nut-uh! Mom you have to close your eyes to create a moment. That's how you do it!"

Not to be out done, little Pasha decided to teach us a lesson as well. Although she is better at letting us figure it out for ourselves rather than telling us. So what did we learn? Do not, under any circumstances, share a drink with a 2 year old child - especially one who is eating pizza!

Blogfully yours,


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Perfect Getaway: Zion National Park

I've decided I am either crazy or dedicated to be taking summer semester classes. Either way, I knew I needed to make the most of the 2 week break ED and I shared in between semesters. We discussed lots of options on where to go. My only criteria was that it be someplace mountainey that I could hike and that wherever we stayed had a shower.

How's this for mountainey?

And how's this for a happy hiker?

What's that? You want a picture of a happy hiking couple? How about three?

In case you skipped over the title of this blog, we went to Zion National Park. It was absolutely amazing! We had perfect weather, we didn't kill each other on the drive to and from, and most importantly, I resisted the urge to push him off the mountain after he made me climb our hardest hike much faster than I am used to (that's putting it nicely). Why in the world my boyfriend feels the need to hike a 5 mile strenuous hike, which they say should take 4 hours, in under 3 (thank you very much), is beyond me!

I present to you, Angels Landing:

Honestly, that doesn't begin to do it justice.

We hiked several other hikes, we ate at amazing restaurants (highly recommend the Spotted Dog), and as for the room with a shower, we stayed at the Novel House; a cozy bed and breakfast where all of the rooms were themed around famous authors. We stayed in the Rudyard Kipling room, not because I had any idea who he was (author of Jungle Book), but because I liked the way the room looked best with it's India/Jungle feel to it.

Lastly, Karina sent me with her version of a "to do" list, as she is often prone to do. I can't share the majority of the list... but I will share item number one because it was one of the first things I did, much to ED's embarrassment.

1. Scream at the top of your lungs from the highest mountain "I'M THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD!"

Blogfully yours,


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Concessions are a gift

Me: "So you know that bruise I thought I got from sitting on the rock at Emerald Pool in Zion? The one on the side of my knee? Well, turns out it really is a bug bite of some sort cause it is all swollen and itches like a son-of-bitch."

ED: "Oh, you mean the one I said was a bug bite all along? Man, I really hate being right ALL the time."

Me: "Yes. That is the one. I debated telling you for that very reason. Consider my 'you were right' as an early birthday present."

ED: "Aw. Thanks baby."

Relationships are all about the give and take. Lucky for ED I'm such a giver in this one.

Blogfully yours,


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Would Walk 500 Miles and I Would Walk 500 More

MetropolitanManhattan… both start with an “M”, both sound fancy and both are in downtown Salt Lake City. One is a seedy underground club, one is an upscale restaurant. My beautiful friend Susan invited me to lunch last week…guess which “M” location I ended up at.

“Hey Sarah, I was supposed to meet Susan for lunch today and I think I am at the wrong place. I’m at the Manhattan and it looks a little…um…scary… I don’t think they even serve lunch here either… Anyway, I don’t have Susan’s number, could you text it to me?”

“I’m pretty sure you are supposed to beat Metropolitan… not Manhattan sweetie.”


I get the address from Sarah, look around at the lunch time crowds walking the downtown streets and decide, what the hell? I’m healthy and parking is a pain, I’ll just walk it.

15 minutes later I show up at the correct “M” restaurant looking wind blown and limping from walking in heels that are a half size too small.

Susan and I had a good laugh about my stupidity and she promptly ordered me a glass of wine, then shortly after, another. Thank God Susan has such an amazing sense of humor and thank God she had her car so she could drive me back to mine because there is NO way I was going to walk all the way back.

Attention to detail kiddos… trust me and my blistered feet, it is highly important.

Blogfully yours,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last Wednesday's Hike

Sanity = Mountains

Last Wednesday I went hiking with my group. They go every Wednesday evening, but due to school I am not often able to go. We hiked the Bonneville Trail above the University from the Zoo to Red Butte Gardens. Nothing too strenuous, only 4 miles. But it was great to get out in nature and the yellow wildflowers were in bloom which, not-so coincidentally is what I have tattooed on my shoulder (got a few questions due to the picture in this post).

I get to go on one more Wednesday night hike (tomorrow) before school starts up again. So much for a summer vacation! BUT, I am going to go to Zion's National Park this weekend with ED which, so long as I can keep up with him,
I am very excited about!

Blogfully yours,

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day and Lowered Expectations

Ahh, Mothers day. The day we show the woman who brought us into the world just how much we care. And for me, what better way is there then to place her beautiful smiling face on the internet to be adored by all.

It was a lovely Mothers day. I came over early to help my Dad cook dinner (shh! Don't tell ED, but I actually do know how to cook). My two lovely sisters came a little later. Yes, my lucky mother had all of her daughters present. I've always looked like the mailman's daughter but she and my Dad both swear I'm their spawn.

In the card I gave to my mom, I told her I wanted to have dinner - just the two of us. I said I couldn't promise it would be home made, but I could promise there would be food and quality mother-daughter time together. After reading my card she promptly pointed out that last year I made my Dad a home cooked dinner for Fathers day. To which I replied that that was back when I used to keep food at my place. Right now all I have to offer are pickles, ketchup and a few other various condiments. We laughed about it, but sadly it's true.

How embarrassing! The only good thing about having no food, is that I have lowered everyone's expectations of my domestic skills to the point where they have forgotten I have any. I am now only assigned to bring pre-made pies or a bag of ice to family get-togethers. Much easier than homemade caramel pies or fancy appetizers. Not having food is actually working out IN MY FAVOR!

Blogfully yours,


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This One Will Need Some Explaining

So, here is a little tid bit of interesting information about me: I sit on the bathroom counter while I do my hair and makeup. It is important that I explain this or the picture below will not make sense. I'm not sure when I started doing this... probably about the time I started to wear makeup. You see I am incredibly blind and sitting close to the mirror is helpful. So there is that, plus standing up to do your hair and makeup is so exhausting!

My beloved no-so-furry feline has been extra lovey and cuddly since the loose of 80% of her body hair. She sits on my lap while I do homework or when I am on the couch. At night she either sleeps on top of me or under the covers around my legs. Oh, my clingy shaven child. And if all that cuddling time wasn't enough, she has decided that if I have an open lap while getting ready, it should be sat on.
I had to take a picture. While this is not the first time she has done this, it is still stinking cute. Guess she is vain just like her mother. Oh, and my bathroom is the type with two side mirrors and one in the middle, in case you were wondering why there are so many reflections.

Blogfully yours,


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No Sleep Leads to Paranoia

Last night I got no sleep.

I laid down in bed some time around midnight only to hear my lovely neighbor SNORING! This is actually nothing new. I even wrote about it last year. So I went out of my own room to lay down on the couch where it was quiet but not comfortable. I stumbled back into the bedroom around 2... or maybe 3, I'm not really sure, to get a few more restless hours of sleep. I was wide awake a 6 which NEVER happens for me but I got up and ready for the day.

As I was grabbing my keys to head out the door, I got a text.

Mom: "Heard there was a fight and a killing at your apt complex early this AM. Did you hear anything, was it close to you?"

Me: "Awesome. Nope, didn't hear anything."

Mom: "Well I'm glad to know that."

At this point I am walking out to my car looking around for any criminals who may still be lurking. I always thought I lived in a fairly safe neighborhood, but I guess now days you never can tell. I start thinking that maybe I am going to need to move or buy mace or a gun and crap, did I lock my sliding door? When I get another text.

Mom: "You are at the Springs right?"

Me: "No... your other daughter lives there."

Mom: "Oops, got you mixed up! Your still at a reputable place I imagine!"

So now I don't know how to feel. Relieved that murders are not happening next door, or worried about my sister. Sheesh! Texts like that are more effective than coffee. I'm wide awake and jittery already!

Blogfully yours,

Monday, May 4, 2009

I Haven't Killed Them Yet!

A few weeks ago I planted my first herb garden. I don't have a particularly green thumb, but for some reason it has been very important to me that I do not kill these plants. Maybe I worry it will be a reflection on me somehow. Maybe I need to prove that even though my life is crazy I can still help a plant grow. Maybe I feel the need to prove my motherly nurturing skills really do exist. Maybe subconsciously seeing them come to life and grow gives me hope that one day I'll be able to bring a human being to life too!
Ha! Then again, maybe I just really want fresh basil to make bruchetta.

Blogfully yours,