Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No Sleep Leads to Paranoia

Last night I got no sleep.

I laid down in bed some time around midnight only to hear my lovely neighbor SNORING! This is actually nothing new. I even wrote about it last year. So I went out of my own room to lay down on the couch where it was quiet but not comfortable. I stumbled back into the bedroom around 2... or maybe 3, I'm not really sure, to get a few more restless hours of sleep. I was wide awake a 6 which NEVER happens for me but I got up and ready for the day.

As I was grabbing my keys to head out the door, I got a text.

Mom: "Heard there was a fight and a killing at your apt complex early this AM. Did you hear anything, was it close to you?"

Me: "Awesome. Nope, didn't hear anything."

Mom: "Well I'm glad to know that."

At this point I am walking out to my car looking around for any criminals who may still be lurking. I always thought I lived in a fairly safe neighborhood, but I guess now days you never can tell. I start thinking that maybe I am going to need to move or buy mace or a gun and crap, did I lock my sliding door? When I get another text.

Mom: "You are at the Springs right?"

Me: "No... your other daughter lives there."

Mom: "Oops, got you mixed up! Your still at a reputable place I imagine!"

So now I don't know how to feel. Relieved that murders are not happening next door, or worried about my sister. Sheesh! Texts like that are more effective than coffee. I'm wide awake and jittery already!

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