Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last Wednesday's Hike

Sanity = Mountains

Last Wednesday I went hiking with my group. They go every Wednesday evening, but due to school I am not often able to go. We hiked the Bonneville Trail above the University from the Zoo to Red Butte Gardens. Nothing too strenuous, only 4 miles. But it was great to get out in nature and the yellow wildflowers were in bloom which, not-so coincidentally is what I have tattooed on my shoulder (got a few questions due to the picture in this post).

I get to go on one more Wednesday night hike (tomorrow) before school starts up again. So much for a summer vacation! BUT, I am going to go to Zion's National Park this weekend with ED which, so long as I can keep up with him,
I am very excited about!

Blogfully yours,

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kel said...

Holy crap! I clicked over to that picture that you linked. I can't believe people noticed that!

Anyway, beautiful pictures (did I say that yetserday?)! I love it when the flowers are blooming, you know, before the desert turns into a brown shit-hole.