Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Concessions are a gift

Me: "So you know that bruise I thought I got from sitting on the rock at Emerald Pool in Zion? The one on the side of my knee? Well, turns out it really is a bug bite of some sort cause it is all swollen and itches like a son-of-bitch."

ED: "Oh, you mean the one I said was a bug bite all along? Man, I really hate being right ALL the time."

Me: "Yes. That is the one. I debated telling you for that very reason. Consider my 'you were right' as an early birthday present."

ED: "Aw. Thanks baby."

Relationships are all about the give and take. Lucky for ED I'm such a giver in this one.

Blogfully yours,


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Sarah Bellum said...

Is this about blow jobs? It is isn't it? BJ code.