Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Simplifying homework

I spent my lunch break yesterday working on homework in the office conference room. Unfortunately my humanities teacher is confused, he seems to think he is teaching an art class. After every reading assignment we have to do an artistic interpretation of what we read. I do my best to be creative, but I am so not talented when it comes to art as is evident by my rendering of Buddha. For this weeks homework assignment, on top of the two artistic interpretations, we were supposed to draw our tree. Being the quick witted deligator that I am, I asked one of the designers at my work if he would be so kind as to take the crayons I brought with me and sketch me up a happy little tree.

Thank goodness he is also a student and with limited prodding, he was willing to humor me. I wonder how far I can push his charitable nature. Maybe I can work out a trade. I'll agree not to get him fired for peeing in the bosses coffee if he does all my homework! OK sure he'd never REALLY do that, and come to think of it my boss doesn't even drink coffee, but those are just minor details. I'm sure he'll see things my way. I can be quite intimidating you know.

Blogfully yours,

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ignorance vs. loving and loosing

A friend of my commented to me tonight that "ignorance is bliss" which really got me thinking, IS ignorance really bliss? I won't lie, for a moment I was completely sold on the idea. But then the next obvious cliche line came to mind; "it is far better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all." Is that painful statement true? Which one is more accurate?

In my short life time I have loved and I have lost, over and over again. Each time I learn a lesson and I chalk it up to building character and forming me into the person I am today, but, I fear that after every breakup I become more and more jaded.

Outside my apartment there was a couple fighting. I couldn't hear what the fight was about but it aided in my further reflection on past relationships. I have been in some where yelling came standard. I have been in one where if I dared to raise my voice I was met only with silence. Fighting, or rather, heated discussions, can have the tendency to make you feel alive. To have someone who evokes that much passion in you, to make you feel strongly one way or another, to actually feel the fire raise up inside you until you blow, is...something. Not necessarily good, but something. If nothing else it means you care enough to be upset. The reason this is of significance is because I have also been in relationships where that fire never existed, where I never cared enough to get upset. Truly, to know happiness you must know sorrow. You will never appreciate pleasure without having experienced pain. So where is the happy medium?

Sometimes I begrudge all of the pain that my search for love has caused me. I am, of course, no saint and have caused my share of pain along the way. I feel it is only natural to wish none of it had ever happened at all, that I had never felt a broken heart, had never cried myself to sleep, that I never knew the regret of loosing someone I truly cared about. Deep down I crave love, just as I am sure so many of you do, but I also fear it. Sometimes I feel it is easier to just keep my heart guarded and locked away. If you never let anyone in, you can never get hurt, right? But even that is not true because you hurt yourself in the process.

Honestly I don't have any answers. Maybe if I did I wouldn't be writing this post instead of finishing my math homework. But I wanted to put down my thoughts before I lost them and decided it wasn't worth revisiting again...because reflection hurts. It may help you grow, but it stings in the process.

Your comments on the subject are welcome here. Don't hold back.

Blogfully yours,

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way"

I spent my Sunday afternoon helping prepare my friends house for 2008's largest Halloween house party. To date there have been over 200 people RSVP. Fortunately the basement of the house holding the party is not finished so we were able to really get creative. I helped paint the Alice In Wonderland room, complete with stripes, polka dots and astro-turf flooring. I am getting VERY excited for this party.

So what am I going to be? As many of you have guessed from my clues, I will be Jessica Rabbit this Halloween. For those of you scratching your head like "who is
that", she is the wife of Roger Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and is also pictured below.

Obviously she is a cartoon so there is no way to replicate her exactly but I have all the pieces to be the human version of the redheaded temptress. In fact Friday night Karina and I even watched the Roger Rabbit movie to watch her mannerisms and study her makeup. Our favorite line (besides the blog title, of course):

Jessica: "You don't know how hard it is to be a woman looking the way I do."

Valiant: "You don't know how hard it is to be a man looking at a woman looking the way you do."

Needless to say, I will be channeling my inner diva this Halloween to get the sass and confidence needed to pull off this costume. I think next year I'm going to go as something boring, maybe a cat or a pumpkin or Sarah Pallin. This costume is turning into more work then I thought.

Blogfully yours,

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Yesterday I received my first blogging award. I had read about people getting awards from different sites but never really followed what exactly that meant. This particular award, The Kreativ Blogger Award, was given to me by Kendal over at Confessions of an Odd Duck. There is no nominating comities, it is simply one persons opinion on which blogs they feel deserve to be recognized and those people nominate more people and the love is spread. I am honored that The Odd Duck felt Blogfully Yours was worthy of an award.

So the only stipulations of the award are the you must write 6 things that you love and then pass the award on to 6 people.

Things I love...

1. Family & Friends. I have the good fortune of being very close with my family and I do not take that for granted. I am blessed with amazing friends who are always there for me and are, essentially, extensions of my family. I would be lost without them.
2. Coffee. The smell, the taste, the feeling of coming alive as I drink it throughout the morning. It's a part of my daily routine that brings me pleasure.
3. Hiking & Nature. There is nothing that make me feel more grounded then getting out into nature. I love to spend time in the mountains. It takes me away from the stresses of life and puts everything into perspective for me.
4. Being Challenged. Boredom is not my friend, it is my nemesis. I like to stay busy and I am constantly looking for new ways to challenge myself. Be it school, dating, work or projects. I may complain about being overwhelmed with so much to do, but the truth is I strive off of it.
5. Small Victories. Recognizing the little things that come my way and celebrating them. Today someone bought me a cup of coffee, yesterday I found out that 17 countries read my blog, I got 100% on my last math test...little things that deserve to be celebrated.
6. Laughing. I'm not sure how to expand on this. I love to laugh. One way to capture my heart, as a friend, as a lover, is to make me laugh.

For my 6 nominees to pass this award on to, I would like to acknowledge that most of them will not re-post and I want you to know I completely understand. Most of them I am sure have received numerous awards so this will not be as big of a deal to them as it is to me.

My first awards go to Caveat Emptor, Wind in Your Vagina, and Jenny the Bloggess as they all inspire me with their writing and make me laugh. My fourth award goes to Sarah Nielson who has become not only my blogging mentor, but also my firend. My fifth and sixth awards go to Doni in the City and The Kel who are my long distant blogging friends and continue to make me smile on a daily basis with their witty posts and hilarious tweets.

Much love to you all!

Blogfully yours,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lunchtime quickie

I decided to come home for lunch today and had 2 wonderful surprises waiting for me. The first was a note on my door from UPS saying I had a package at the office building of my apartment. The second was another package sitting on my balcony delivered by the post office which was a little weird because I live in a middle level apartment so the mail delivery person would of had to throw the package up to get it on my balcony, but whatever. 2 packages in one day!
The first package ended up being the boy scout popcorn I ordered from Black Hockey Jesus' son Jackson. It's caramel nutty goodness has me on a sugar high that I will be riding throughout the day. The second package was 3 pairs of pants I ordered on-line at Alloy. Some of you may be thinking "pants, whats the big deal?" Well it is a very big deal when you are a 6 ft tall woman with incredibly long legs. Pants are hard to come by! So of course I strip down in my living room and try them on and guess what? They all fit perfect! No need to send any back.
So I'm sitting here eating a home made turkey burrito writing this little post with a smile on my face. I don't think anyone can accuse me of being hard to please. I've gotta remember to start coming home for lunch more often!

Blogfully yours,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chocolate Buddha

For my Humanities class we are given reading assignments every week on different topics which we must then interpret in an artistic manner into our portfolio book. We can use any medium we would like such as drawing, collages and music (burnt on a disk). My artistic abilities are...somewhat lacking. That's a nice way of saying they suck. Why I didn't get the instructor who makes you write papers is beyond me. Every week I have to do an arts and crafts project, and every week I struggle with what to do. I decided that for this weeks artistic interpretation I would try using paint. Never mind the fact that I have absolutely NO idea how to paint and I have never taken an art class yet alone a painting class. I mean, how hard can it be, right?

We are studying Spirituality & Religion. One of the reading assignments we had to choose from was the teachings of Buddha. So I though, hey why not paint Buddha? Here is why not.


Think I'll stick to collages from now on.

Blogfully yours,

Monday, October 20, 2008

New couple on the block

My darling BFF, Karina the Russian, has met someone and has fallen, once again, in love. Truth of the matter is, he is actually a really decent guy and as of today, I approve of him. She has told him however that entering into a relationship with her is also entering into a relationship with me. She and I have learned from several past relationships that full disclosure is the best way to go. So she explained to him that boyfriends have accused us of being lesbians when in fact we are the ultimate non-lesbian couple. Putting it into a Russian analogy, which always has to do with food, she explained to him that she is the wine, I am the cheese and he can be the grapes.

I asked her via text message if she would mind if I told the internet about our new relationship and she said "Hell yeah!" I told her I would be putting her wine analogy in, to which she responded, "Yes, but its got to be that French wine, with that French Cheese and the big grapes!"

Apparently, without my knowing it, I have graduated from a non-lesbian couple to a very high class non-swinger relationship. The relationship may be sex-free, but at least I'll be well fed.

Blogfully yours,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My first University of Utah football game

On Saturday I went to my very first college football game, The U of U versus some other team! I know what you are thinking and yes, I am 28 and just barely going to a college football game. For those you who know me I am sure this is not a HUGE surprise. For those of you who do not know me, besides not being a big sports fanatic to begin with, I passed on the whole college experience of going to frat parties and experimenting with mind altering drugs that normally happens in your early 20's. I was too busy planning a wedding while working full time to help support the man I was marrying with his education. So now I'm doing the whole college thing...minus the frat parties and drugs. But, my reason for going to this particular college game was to see my adorable niece B perform with her dance group at the half time show.

We were of course up in the nose bleed section, about 5 rows from the very tippy top of the stadium. My parents went and of course Staci, B's mom and my baby sister. I must admit and please don't be jealous, but I have the worlds cutest parents. There is no sense in arguing with me on this as it is just a fact. The proof is in the picture.

Since I was trying to show my University of Utah pride and fit in with all of the other crazy fans, I wore the only red shirt I have, a long sleeve sweater. Lucky me it ended up being around 70 (seriously this is the second time I have looked for the little circle thingy on my keyboard and not found it!) degrees. I had to cave and buy an over priced t-shirt to avoid a patriotic heat stroke. So I guess this will not be my only U of U football game because now I need to go to another just to get my money out of this shirt.

Blogfully yours,

PS - In case you were wondering, Utah won! I think it was something like 48 to 16.
Go Utes!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Prepin' the bod for Halloween

I have decided on my costume for Halloween! I am actually getting pretty excited about it too. Besides feeling confident that I will be the only one wearing this costume it has given me a newly found dedication to get my butt to the gym! I know setting goals is important to keep you motivated, but I just haven't found a worthy one until now.

After deciding what I wanted to be, it hit me that this costume is going to require my body to be in tip top super smokin hot shape. Now, Halloween is 2 weeks away...I work full time and I go to school at night. Top that off with homework and it doesn't leave much time for the gym. Crap! Tip top super smokin hot shape might not be a possibility...think I may have to settle for "pulling it off" shape.

So are you curious what I am going to be? Well my lovelies I don't want to give it away just yet but I will give you a few clues. Last night I bought a long red wig, opera length gloves and fake eyelashes. Obviously there is much more to the costume that I will be ordering next week. Make your guesses if you like. I will not confirm or deny if you are correct but I promise to post pictures when my costume is complete.

Blogfully yours,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sandy Mandy Cookies

The other day I was discussing with my BFF Karina the Russian how certain smells can evoke memories, some painful, some pleasant. The specific one I was referring to was of course a painful memory. An old boyfriend of mine, who turned out to be a royal scumbag but started out as a prince (as they always do), used to make me coffee every morning while I was in the shower. He would bring me a mug, along with a small plate of my favorite cookies, Pecan Sandies. I bought a brand of coffee that must have been similar to what I was buying back then because when I brewed a pot last week it took me back.

Karina: What type of cookies? Sandy...Mandy...pecan-y cookies?

Me (laughing): Close enough.

Tuesday Karina called me up incredibly excited and told me I HAD to come over for breakfast because she had a surprise for me. Of course I would never say no to free food so I said I would be there but I would probably have to finish getting ready at her house. When I got there she told me to go finish putting my makeup on in her bathroom and she would bring it to me. You should have seen the huge smile on her face as she brought this in to me!
Of course I started to cry (I am seriously such a sap!). She told me not to cry cause she had more and bustled off to bring me this:
Then she squealed and said she forgot one more thing and ran off to the kitchen. She came back with help keep me healthy.
When I got to work I discovered that she had also put 2 granola bars in my purse. Now if I learned anything from my PB&J experience, it's that the way to show a Russian how much you care, is with food. Today I learned that if you do, they will never stop showing their gratitude back.

Blogfully yours,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cats and dogs living together

I made the crazy statement that I was giving up on dating as I am apparently not good at it. My adorable friend RLO, being a guy and therefore always wanting to fix any problem, suggested that he and I and Sarah all move in together and grow bitter and old together. In my infinite womanly wisdom I realized the flaw in his plan and told him that Sarah's dog Daisy and my cat Aurora might not get along so well. Then Mr. RLO consented, but still being flawed as a male, said "true, Daisy and Aurora might have a lot of sexual tension they don't know how to deal with".

Moral of the story: Men may be from Mars and women may be from Venus but cats and dogs just need a little sexual rediscovery to get along.

Blogfully yours,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Walking for boobies

On Thursday Karina the Russian sent me the following text message:

"I am walking this sat 4 breast cancer at liberty park at 8! Come with me to SAVE THE BOOBIES"

I think I should recruit Karina to work in advertising, I mean how can anyone say no to that? I knew I certainly could not. So I woke up early, helped Karina get her two kids ready, layering them in more clothes than was probably necessary, and we took off. Here is Pasha, half awake but looking stylish AND warm.

We met up with the rest of the employees of Karina's salon including Kate, who I found out we were walking for, an amazing survivor of breast cancer.

Before the walk there was some announcements, thanking sponsors, and a group stretching session. I felt a little silly reaching for the sky and bending to touch my toes but man it felt good! There was pink everywhere! Pink balloons, dogs wearing pink shirts or ribbons, pink banners and they even gave out pink Vitamin Water to participants. It made me super relieved that I had thought to wear my pink hat that has been collecting dust in the closet.
It was freezing outside but it felt good to know that I was participating in a very worthy cause. The Russian kids were not sharing the same enthusiasm for being up so early and walking around the park instead of playing in it. I guess telling them we were walking to Save the Boobies just didn't have the same impact on them so shortly after we finished our second loop we decided to excuse ourselves to take the children home. This was actually kind of convenient cause we didn't have to deal with traffic. I decided that kids are an excellent thing to have around at times, although, yes...I do feel slightly bad for not finishing the walk...slightly.

*Some of you may have noticed that my Blog title has changed. Those of you who link to me from your blogs (thank you and I love you!) will need to update the title and url to I will have a new lovely designed mast head in the upcoming days that I am also very excited about. Yay! I have my own blogging identity! Let me know what you think.

Blogfully yours,


First Snow

Today I woke up to find that the weatherman was correct, there is snow on the ground. It is a beautiful sight, almost magical. The fact that there are still leaves on the trees lets me know that the snow will not be staying, just gracing us with its presence as a precursor for the months ahead. In fact, even now I can see the sun coming out and the drops of melted snow hitting the ground.

I know sometimes I complain about Utah, but truly I love it. I love having changing seasons. I love studying the mountains. Seeing them change from green to orange then watching as the snow starts accumulating at the peaks then moving down the mountain only to reverse directions when the spring comes again. It's fascinating to me. I am quite certain this love of seasons and the mountains was instilled in me from my father. He always taught me to welcome and embrace the snow because then the ski season is upon us. Welcome the sun and the high temperatures because then the boating season is upon us. I guess that way you always have something to look forward to.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What a true fall dress looks like

Today it is freezing outside! Seriously, I think it actually froze last night. Just checked the weather website and it is 32 (crap where is the little temperature circle thingy button????) degrees outside. This actually caused me to get excited because I bought a TRUE fall dress while in California that I haven't had the chance to wear yet. Now, my friend Kelli, who lives in sunny San Diego, would have us believe that fall dresses are the same as summer dresses but in different colors. I.E. still light, still not Fall. I have decided to set the record strait as she is obviously confused and has completely turned her back on Utah fashion.

Now the first thing you will notice is that I am like 2 feet taller than my receptionist. This is not an optical illusion. Second you will notice that my dress is long sleeved AND I have leggings on! My receptionist has a sweater dress with a long sleeved shirt underneath. She has fabulous tan legs so she doesn't have anything underneath and is consequentially sitting at her desk with a space heater. Yep, pretty sure as soon as Kel sees this picture she is going to want to move back home.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My tummy hurts

Stress effects everyone differently. For some unfair reason, stress seems to take it's toll on my physically. Normally I get an upset stomach that is really painful. Lately though it has been not just the upset stomach, but heartburn as well. I'm sure it's nothing that a good dose of Prilosec can't fix but it's still a major pain in the ass. Another lovely accompanying factor of my stress is lack of sleep. Man, I love my sleep too! I don't really know any way to prevent it from happening either. It's not like the stresses of work and school and life are going to just magically go away. Maybe this is just the adjustment period and everything will start getting easier soon. Wishful thinking, but hey you gotta cling to some sense of hope right? Oh, and here is the extra icing on the cake. The guy I admitted to liking, well I think I chased him away because he is moving to another state. Maybe as soon as 2 weeks from now. See, I told you it was the kiss of death! Honestly I don't know why I date anymore. I think I am a hopeless cause. Ok that was a little dramatic but I figure while I am complaining and fishing for sympathy I should throw that in there.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Protesting Homework

It seems as though I am not the only one who is not crazy about homework in this household. My adorable daughter Aurora (also known as my cat or bitch kitty or kitty pants depending on who is addressing her), has been finding subtle ways to make her feelings known about me daring to ignore her. For example, if I am sitting on the couch with my books or my laptop she will jump up, nudge her way in and try and lay between me and the computer or just lay right across it. She will also knock my pen or highlighter off of the couch or bat my notes around or meow in her ultra drawn out whine, like "mommmmmy pay attention to meeeee".

Here are a few snap shots, just for shits and giggles.

A Conversation with RLO

I invited my friend Sarah over for cookies and Heros last night. I had no idea it would upset her BFF RLO. It seems he likes cookies almost as much as we do.

Supposedly Sarah is getting cookies, TV, and scissoring tonight. As fun as all three sound I'll let you off easy and just take a doggie bag of cookies.

Thanks bunches,

Dearest RLO,

I really like the way Sarah scissors me. Will you please extend a hall pass for her to come out and play with me tonight?


PS - as I am sure you realize, there will be no left over cookies.

Obviously Sarah reserves a tender side for you that she keeps from everyone else. Her secret is safe with me and I'll let her out for the night in the hopes that you will tire her out and make her more mellow for the rest of the week.


PS- I hope you know that I have an "in" with Jesus and I will be praying that all the cookies you girls are hoarding will be going straight to your respective asses.

Love and warm regards.

Did u just use Jesus to threaten weight gain? That’s not very Christian of you. However since I am such a true Christian myself I will turn the other cheek and do my best to be charitable and save u half of a cookie.

Love Summer


I know you can't see but I have an actual tear in my eye. I've never had anyone save me half a cookie. That's true love.

I was afraid of always get food and love confused.

That explains so many of my failed relationships. Why didn't anyone tell me earlier?

Apparently RLO’s training is not over. Sarah, there is still work to be done.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A good ol fashioned love story

Gather around children, its story time. Today we will be hearing Karina the Russian Finds Her Soul Mate

On my lunch break last week, I got a call from a bedazzled Russian, my BFF Karina. She proceeds to tell me this long drawn out story about a man who came into the hair salon where she works to buy some hair care products. She tells me that she doesn’t know how to explain it, but they just connected and she is certain that this God of a man is her soul mate and immediately starts telling me her schemes to find out who this man is because they are destined to be together and get married and live in big beautiful houses and travel the world and and and. I just laugh and go along with her story and tell her, yes I am sure he is everything you imagine him to be and more. No sense in stomping on the girls dream, I mean she is 100% convinced at this point that she has just met her soul mate and who am I to be the one to tell her that in my jaded experience, they just don’t exist. In all actuality, I envy her passion for love. The girl falls in love every other week and somehow manages to be excited each time. She loves the butterflies so much that she creates them out of thin air. I on the other hand am so afraid of being hurt that I can barely manage to admit to liking a boy , yet alone liking a guy enough to let the butterflies in. Anyway…I digress….

About 10 minutes after I get off the phone with the head in the clouds Russian, I get another call and I know what I am going to hear before the words even come out of her mouth.

Karina: He called me! He called the store and said that he felt like we just had this amazing connection and he has never met someone so beautiful.

Me: Of course he did! He IS your soul mate after all!

Karina: Then he told me that he doesn’t know what to do because he has a girlfriend and she is great and pretty and they have been together for like 6 months but he just was blown away with me and our connection you know?

Me: Uh huh….

Karina: Then he says ‘don’t hang up on me or anything, but I think my girlfriend would think you are beautiful too and we have never done anything like this, but do you think you would like to hang out with us together some time?’

Me: Are you freaking kidding me? He did NOT say that!

Karina: Can you believe it?

Me: Just so I am clear, basically what you are telling me is that your soul mate is a swinger?

Karina: That would be correct.

Me: So what did we learn today?

Karina: That all men are dogs and dogs DO NOT go to heaven.

True story. I couldn't make something like this up.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Big Ass Show Experience

OK, so I realize I am a little late getting this post up since the X96 Big Ass Show was last Saturday and Yes, that is the actual name of the show. For those of you who are wondering what the Big Ass Show is, and why I was there I will explain. The Big Ass Show is an all day out door rock/alternative music concert or in other words, rock heaven. I work in advertising and one of my clients had a booth there so I was "required" to attend. I got there early to help them set up and check in on them throughout the day, but I'd hardly call it working.
I love concerts and I go to quite a few, like this one and this one and this one. Oh, and this one too! I'm a bit of a rockstar junkie. Notice I did not say groupie. BIG difference! Anyway, here are some photos of me and rockstars.
This is a picture of the lead singer of Jacks Mannequin. So I guess this is Jack? I'm not super familiar with the band, but I really enjoyed watching little Jack passionately playing the piano while sweating profusely in the direct sun. Armpit sweat marks are super sexy!

This crazy looking band is called Mindless Self Indulgence. I didn't watch them perform because I was too busy eating lunch and having a cocktail in the VIP section. But they were super nice people, like that one happy goth kid back in high school. Probably high on happy pills. Still their smiles were contagious and I'd like to think if I was wearing all black and had smudged makeup on my face, we could have been friends.

Now this band, 10 Years, I love this band. The lead singer sounds a little like the lead singer of Tool and that sound, that voice, it just does something for me. Not to mention he is super cute, short, but super cute. He could serenade me anytime. Seriously all he would have to do is hum and I'd be undressing. Ok, now I sound like a groupie.

Next up was Trapt. I like this band a lot too. They have a new song out called "Who's going home with you tonight?". Unfortunately he did not come home with me as I did not get to meet any of the band which kinda sucked but by this point in the day, there was not too much that could really upset me.

Speaking of not being upset at all, check out the huge shit eaten grins on me and my lovely girls faces while Trapt played in the back ground. Love those girls!

So there you have it, my Big Ass Show experience.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't Vote

Ok...DO vote. If you are not registered, you have about 3 days to get registered so you better get on that. Don't put it off any longer. Seriously.