Sunday, October 12, 2008

Walking for boobies

On Thursday Karina the Russian sent me the following text message:

"I am walking this sat 4 breast cancer at liberty park at 8! Come with me to SAVE THE BOOBIES"

I think I should recruit Karina to work in advertising, I mean how can anyone say no to that? I knew I certainly could not. So I woke up early, helped Karina get her two kids ready, layering them in more clothes than was probably necessary, and we took off. Here is Pasha, half awake but looking stylish AND warm.

We met up with the rest of the employees of Karina's salon including Kate, who I found out we were walking for, an amazing survivor of breast cancer.

Before the walk there was some announcements, thanking sponsors, and a group stretching session. I felt a little silly reaching for the sky and bending to touch my toes but man it felt good! There was pink everywhere! Pink balloons, dogs wearing pink shirts or ribbons, pink banners and they even gave out pink Vitamin Water to participants. It made me super relieved that I had thought to wear my pink hat that has been collecting dust in the closet.
It was freezing outside but it felt good to know that I was participating in a very worthy cause. The Russian kids were not sharing the same enthusiasm for being up so early and walking around the park instead of playing in it. I guess telling them we were walking to Save the Boobies just didn't have the same impact on them so shortly after we finished our second loop we decided to excuse ourselves to take the children home. This was actually kind of convenient cause we didn't have to deal with traffic. I decided that kids are an excellent thing to have around at times, although, yes...I do feel slightly bad for not finishing the walk...slightly.

*Some of you may have noticed that my Blog title has changed. Those of you who link to me from your blogs (thank you and I love you!) will need to update the title and url to I will have a new lovely designed mast head in the upcoming days that I am also very excited about. Yay! I have my own blogging identity! Let me know what you think.

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kel said...

Try to remind me to change the link on my page to your new domain. You'll have to remind me at least 20 times before I remember, though, and I do best with constant encouragement and gifts.

Black Hockey Jesus said...

Ha ha you're awesome! Enjoy your popcorn!

Slyde said...

hey, thats pretty cool. i participated in a cancer walk here on Long Island this weekend as well...

Sarah Bellum said...

I'm glad you walked for boobies. For my boob contribution I'll be purchasing all pink breast cancer items throughout the month of October, which reminds me you're going to have to buy my lunch the entire month of October. Thanks dear.