Sunday, October 19, 2008

My first University of Utah football game

On Saturday I went to my very first college football game, The U of U versus some other team! I know what you are thinking and yes, I am 28 and just barely going to a college football game. For those you who know me I am sure this is not a HUGE surprise. For those of you who do not know me, besides not being a big sports fanatic to begin with, I passed on the whole college experience of going to frat parties and experimenting with mind altering drugs that normally happens in your early 20's. I was too busy planning a wedding while working full time to help support the man I was marrying with his education. So now I'm doing the whole college thing...minus the frat parties and drugs. But, my reason for going to this particular college game was to see my adorable niece B perform with her dance group at the half time show.

We were of course up in the nose bleed section, about 5 rows from the very tippy top of the stadium. My parents went and of course Staci, B's mom and my baby sister. I must admit and please don't be jealous, but I have the worlds cutest parents. There is no sense in arguing with me on this as it is just a fact. The proof is in the picture.

Since I was trying to show my University of Utah pride and fit in with all of the other crazy fans, I wore the only red shirt I have, a long sleeve sweater. Lucky me it ended up being around 70 (seriously this is the second time I have looked for the little circle thingy on my keyboard and not found it!) degrees. I had to cave and buy an over priced t-shirt to avoid a patriotic heat stroke. So I guess this will not be my only U of U football game because now I need to go to another just to get my money out of this shirt.

Blogfully yours,

PS - In case you were wondering, Utah won! I think it was something like 48 to 16.
Go Utes!


kel said...

Ironicaly, I will be attending the SDSU vs. Utah game to watch my little girlies cheer at the halftime show. And, damn, girl, you missed out! U of U football games are probably my best college memory. What I do remember,anyway, after we finished off flask after flask.

scott said...

This post is the perfect "I'm a girl and I went to a football game" post: a distant shot of the field, some pictures of the people you were with, a fleeting mention at the end of what you THINK the score MIGHT have been. Perfect. Well-done.

Hello, Summer.

Latent Image said...

that was a cute little dance your neice did at halftime.

@kel, you did ute games wrong, one must show up drunk this makes the flasks last longer. (good to see you got it plural this time though)

Salt City Mistress said...