Friday, October 17, 2008

Prepin' the bod for Halloween

I have decided on my costume for Halloween! I am actually getting pretty excited about it too. Besides feeling confident that I will be the only one wearing this costume it has given me a newly found dedication to get my butt to the gym! I know setting goals is important to keep you motivated, but I just haven't found a worthy one until now.

After deciding what I wanted to be, it hit me that this costume is going to require my body to be in tip top super smokin hot shape. Now, Halloween is 2 weeks away...I work full time and I go to school at night. Top that off with homework and it doesn't leave much time for the gym. Crap! Tip top super smokin hot shape might not be a possibility...think I may have to settle for "pulling it off" shape.

So are you curious what I am going to be? Well my lovelies I don't want to give it away just yet but I will give you a few clues. Last night I bought a long red wig, opera length gloves and fake eyelashes. Obviously there is much more to the costume that I will be ordering next week. Make your guesses if you like. I will not confirm or deny if you are correct but I promise to post pictures when my costume is complete.

Blogfully yours,


Salt City Mistress said...

WooHoo Jessica Rabbit!

What do I win?

The Odd Duck said...

I have one line to say. "I'm not bad, I'm drawn that way."

I think my pulse just quickened.

Helmey said...

Are you going as Spaghetti and meatballs?

If you need mas energy you shouldn’t take anymore of those Russian roofies…er vitamins…my bad.

kel said...

I suck at riddles and clues, which is why I never went into business as a PI, even though I totally should have.

Can't you just tell me your damn costume? It will make me like you more.

Mich said...

its totally jessica rabbit!!
salt city beat me to the punch.... damn it.

i have always wanted to be her for halloween. either her or a pink lady. LOL