Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Snow

Today I woke up to find that the weatherman was correct, there is snow on the ground. It is a beautiful sight, almost magical. The fact that there are still leaves on the trees lets me know that the snow will not be staying, just gracing us with its presence as a precursor for the months ahead. In fact, even now I can see the sun coming out and the drops of melted snow hitting the ground.

I know sometimes I complain about Utah, but truly I love it. I love having changing seasons. I love studying the mountains. Seeing them change from green to orange then watching as the snow starts accumulating at the peaks then moving down the mountain only to reverse directions when the spring comes again. It's fascinating to me. I am quite certain this love of seasons and the mountains was instilled in me from my father. He always taught me to welcome and embrace the snow because then the ski season is upon us. Welcome the sun and the high temperatures because then the boating season is upon us. I guess that way you always have something to look forward to.


The Odd Duck said...

Mmmm snow. I live in eastern NC so I am lucky to see one good snow a year, it's something I greatly missed when I was Florida.

Seeing snow fall reminds me of making snow men, hot chocolate, and riding down the tallest of hills on a dare. Such wonderful memories. Now you make me ready for it to snow here.

kel said...

I do miss the first snow of the year. That being said, however, give me the sun every single day and I'll be happy. You enjoy the snow today, and I'll enjoy my backyad. In a bikini.