Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lunchtime quickie

I decided to come home for lunch today and had 2 wonderful surprises waiting for me. The first was a note on my door from UPS saying I had a package at the office building of my apartment. The second was another package sitting on my balcony delivered by the post office which was a little weird because I live in a middle level apartment so the mail delivery person would of had to throw the package up to get it on my balcony, but whatever. 2 packages in one day!
The first package ended up being the boy scout popcorn I ordered from Black Hockey Jesus' son Jackson. It's caramel nutty goodness has me on a sugar high that I will be riding throughout the day. The second package was 3 pairs of pants I ordered on-line at Alloy. Some of you may be thinking "pants, whats the big deal?" Well it is a very big deal when you are a 6 ft tall woman with incredibly long legs. Pants are hard to come by! So of course I strip down in my living room and try them on and guess what? They all fit perfect! No need to send any back.
So I'm sitting here eating a home made turkey burrito writing this little post with a smile on my face. I don't think anyone can accuse me of being hard to please. I've gotta remember to start coming home for lunch more often!

Blogfully yours,


The Odd Duck said...
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The Odd Duck said...

Let me first say that I feel really short now.

The popcorn would sound delicious and tempting...were it not for the fact that I can't stand the stuff.

It's always nice to come home to WELCOME surprises.

EDIT: How did the UPS guy deliver it to your balcony?

- Kendall

kel said...

Damn. I hope there's packages waiting for me when I get home. Oh....and as long as I'm wishing....wish I had longer than 30 minutes for lunch each day so i could go home if I wanted to....

Black Hockey Jesus said...

Popcorn and pants! Good deal.

The Odd Duck said...

P. S. You have an award waiting for you over at my blog.

Sarah Bellum said...

Since I'm such an amazing friend I'm going to suggest you save some of those calories for me. I'll eat popcorn to keep your ass skinny. That's true friendship.