Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Big Ass Show Experience

OK, so I realize I am a little late getting this post up since the X96 Big Ass Show was last Saturday and Yes, that is the actual name of the show. For those of you who are wondering what the Big Ass Show is, and why I was there I will explain. The Big Ass Show is an all day out door rock/alternative music concert or in other words, rock heaven. I work in advertising and one of my clients had a booth there so I was "required" to attend. I got there early to help them set up and check in on them throughout the day, but I'd hardly call it working.
I love concerts and I go to quite a few, like this one and this one and this one. Oh, and this one too! I'm a bit of a rockstar junkie. Notice I did not say groupie. BIG difference! Anyway, here are some photos of me and rockstars.
This is a picture of the lead singer of Jacks Mannequin. So I guess this is Jack? I'm not super familiar with the band, but I really enjoyed watching little Jack passionately playing the piano while sweating profusely in the direct sun. Armpit sweat marks are super sexy!

This crazy looking band is called Mindless Self Indulgence. I didn't watch them perform because I was too busy eating lunch and having a cocktail in the VIP section. But they were super nice people, like that one happy goth kid back in high school. Probably high on happy pills. Still their smiles were contagious and I'd like to think if I was wearing all black and had smudged makeup on my face, we could have been friends.

Now this band, 10 Years, I love this band. The lead singer sounds a little like the lead singer of Tool and that sound, that voice, it just does something for me. Not to mention he is super cute, short, but super cute. He could serenade me anytime. Seriously all he would have to do is hum and I'd be undressing. Ok, now I sound like a groupie.

Next up was Trapt. I like this band a lot too. They have a new song out called "Who's going home with you tonight?". Unfortunately he did not come home with me as I did not get to meet any of the band which kinda sucked but by this point in the day, there was not too much that could really upset me.

Speaking of not being upset at all, check out the huge shit eaten grins on me and my lovely girls faces while Trapt played in the back ground. Love those girls!

So there you have it, my Big Ass Show experience.


Sarah said...

Great. Now I'm pissed I didn't go.

kel said...

I remember X96! That was my obession senior year of high school. And I even remember Big Ass show. Don't have a clue who any of those bands are, though.

Salt City Mistress said...

Ditto Sarah
Ditto Kel

Helm said...