Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lessons taught by friends - #1

1. PERSPECTIVE - courtesy of Karina (the Russian)

Text to Karina from me:
“I hate myself today. Sorry for the drunk phone call last night. I was out of control. I think I kissed a rockstar. I got tipsy in front of my client. I even fell when I crossed the street and I have cuts and bruises. I am so embarrassed!”

Her reply back:
“Embarrassed? Sounds to me like a memory making great night! Love and live and laugh!”

I love you Karina! Thank you for always being there and teaching me how to love myself and not be too hard on myself. You are truly one of my very best friends - forever and ever and ever!

Yesterday I went to an all day out door concert called VIVA Salt Lake. I had 2 clients there so I had to be at the venue around 11am until the event was over at 10pm. My sister met me there and we drank a few more than our share of the free VIP alcoholic beverages. I woke up this morning remembering bits and pieces of the days and nights events. Some parts are a little hazy. I have scrapes and bruises on my elbows, wrists, knees, and tail bone from falling while trying to cross a street. I told some rockstars (pretty much all of Candlebox) that I was going to marry them. But they invited Staci and I to meet them at a bar after the concert (where they got us even more drunk), so I couldn't have been that bad. Embarrassment aside, I had a blast!

Sitting in the VIP section.

My future x-husbands...CANDLEBOX (new CD out on 7/22/08)

Staci and I with the band Endeverafter.

Me and Scott (the drummer for Candlebox)trying out the kissyface cowboy look.

My clients and friends from Graywhale doing what they do best...making me laugh!

You can't read the label but it says "In the sun or in the can, let Beehive bail you out". It is a little sunscreen bottle that they handed out at the event. Hey ya gotta get creative when you are marketing a bail bonds company!

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Karina Randle said...

Honey! I LOVEYOU! U r one of the most Beautiful and Intelligent Strong women i know!... Sometimes you need to put "business woman" aside and just have fun, which includes falling on a side walk, kissing a rockstar, spend your paycheck for clothes that you'll wear once a year, buy $200.00 just because it has unicorn on the bottom of it.... and get married in Vegas TWICE.. get divorced.. TWICE..
Listen, if you don't truly live ur life and making incredible memories... then you r NOT living it!
Our life is "SEX and SaltLakeCity"... so lets make it fucking interesting and keep creating those breath taking memories!

Time for another chapter!
LOVEYOU! don't ever forget that!