Friday, June 20, 2008

Getting Tuff

One of the areas that I have really been focusing on with all of my free time is my personal health. I am probably in the best shape of my life. That is a huge statement to make! I go to the gym around 3 times per week and try to hike weekly. Lately Karina and I have been gym buddies. We keep trying new things to mix it up and keep it fun. Last week we took a kick boxing class. It nearly killed me but I felt so powerful when I finished! Yesterday we went to City Creek Canyon. It is up behind the capitol and absolutely beautiful. We probably made around a 5 mile round trip. We started out running, but the uphill running turned out to be a little much for us so we waited and ran down hill which let me tell you, is no easy feat. Talk about using new muscles! I was so proud of us. I kept thinking if I saw us, I would think we were pretty bad ass chicks! That's exactly how I felt, like a bad ass who could take on the world. I am a little stiff today, but not bad. My knees are a messed up, always have been for some odd reason, and they hurt while running especially because running outside is much harder on them than running on a treadmill. But seriously, given the choice between running in nature and being inside a smelly gym, the choice is obvious. Guess I will just need to keep strengthening them.

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