Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday Night Hikes # 3

I missed the hike last week because I was at my good friend JD's open house for his new business, JD Smith Productions. He is an amazing audio producer so if you or anyone you know needs to have some work done, let me know and I will hook you up with his information.
We hiked Desolation Trail to the overlook in Millcreek Canyon. It was beautiful as always! It's a bit tougher than some of the other hikes. Lots of switchbacks that feel like they will never end, but the view from the top makes it all worth while. Desolation Trail is actually right next to Millcreek Inn (where I got married in 01) and of course there was a wedding taking place. It's ok, like I mentioned before, I only have happy memories of that day.
We had 16 hikers show up this week! By far the most have ever had on any of the hikes I've been on. Guess people don't want to keep the group to themselves, but we always welcome the extra company. I was a little sad to report to some of the group that my Swedish love would not be coming and they would not be meeting him. Some of them actually met him 2 years ago. They were all understanding and supportive though. One of the hikers is going through a divorce so she and I have been talking a lot. I'm sure you've heard of retail therapy, well this is hiking therapy. We talked about lost loves and beginning the process of dating all over again. The thrill and excitement, the disappointment, lonely versus being alone, and giving too much of ourselves.
After the hike about 8 of us went to The Citrus Grill to have dinner and a few beers. The perfect reward after a making it up and down a mountain in one piece.
Maybe one of these days I will pack an actual camera, for now, you get camera phone shots. :)

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