Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Black Dress

Last Saturday night was my friend Adrian's birthday celebration. Now this is not your typical back yard BBQ with cake and candles...no no no. This is a dress to impress event with a huge tent, a DJ spinning, fire dancers, break dancers, and of course an open bar. The official invite went out (via myspace and word of mouth) a few weeks ago. So me and the girls had been planning on it for quite some time. I mailed my last car payment on Friday so to celebrate I bought myself a new dress to wear to the party. My lovely Karina went shopping with me. I wanted to look and feel like a million bucks so I went to Bebe and fell in love with their "Sexy Satin Slip Dress". I tried it on and it is skin tight but was AMAZING! I look in the mirror and I am proud of myself for all of the time spent in the gym because now (after the reassurance of Karina, the sales person, and 2 other women in the dressing room) I feel like I can actually pull off wearing this dress!
So of course I can't stop with just the dress, I now need shoes that are equally as hot and while I'm at it a clutch and simple elegant jewelry. But you know what? I NEVER spoil myself this much. And damn it, I deserve it!
Staci has the pictures on her camera so I will post them, as well as some fun pictures from the party, later.

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