Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My tummy hurts

Stress effects everyone differently. For some unfair reason, stress seems to take it's toll on my physically. Normally I get an upset stomach that is really painful. Lately though it has been not just the upset stomach, but heartburn as well. I'm sure it's nothing that a good dose of Prilosec can't fix but it's still a major pain in the ass. Another lovely accompanying factor of my stress is lack of sleep. Man, I love my sleep too! I don't really know any way to prevent it from happening either. It's not like the stresses of work and school and life are going to just magically go away. Maybe this is just the adjustment period and everything will start getting easier soon. Wishful thinking, but hey you gotta cling to some sense of hope right? Oh, and here is the extra icing on the cake. The guy I admitted to liking, well I think I chased him away because he is moving to another state. Maybe as soon as 2 weeks from now. See, I told you it was the kiss of death! Honestly I don't know why I date anymore. I think I am a hopeless cause. Ok that was a little dramatic but I figure while I am complaining and fishing for sympathy I should throw that in there.


Sarah Bellum said...

The only cure for stress is cookies by RLO. Or massive amounts of wine.

kel said...

I say ditch the wine and cookies and go straight for the hard drugs.