Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Conversation with RLO

I invited my friend Sarah over for cookies and Heros last night. I had no idea it would upset her BFF RLO. It seems he likes cookies almost as much as we do.

Supposedly Sarah is getting cookies, TV, and scissoring tonight. As fun as all three sound I'll let you off easy and just take a doggie bag of cookies.

Thanks bunches,

Dearest RLO,

I really like the way Sarah scissors me. Will you please extend a hall pass for her to come out and play with me tonight?


PS - as I am sure you realize, there will be no left over cookies.

Obviously Sarah reserves a tender side for you that she keeps from everyone else. Her secret is safe with me and I'll let her out for the night in the hopes that you will tire her out and make her more mellow for the rest of the week.


PS- I hope you know that I have an "in" with Jesus and I will be praying that all the cookies you girls are hoarding will be going straight to your respective asses.

Love and warm regards.

Did u just use Jesus to threaten weight gain? That’s not very Christian of you. However since I am such a true Christian myself I will turn the other cheek and do my best to be charitable and save u half of a cookie.

Love Summer


I know you can't see but I have an actual tear in my eye. I've never had anyone save me half a cookie. That's true love.

I was afraid of this...men always get food and love confused.

That explains so many of my failed relationships. Why didn't anyone tell me earlier?

Apparently RLO’s training is not over. Sarah, there is still work to be done.


kel said...

Cheater. (re. my comment). Are you using Sarah to get to RLO? That's the rumor on the streets.

Sarah Bellum said...

RLO should be thrilled someone else is feeding me for a night. That's one less night he has to worry about proper Sarah nutrition.

Helmey said...

great exchange

Salt City Mistress said...

Rlo is getting around! Sarah might have to go from finding a pimp to being a pimp. You and Sarah could start a joint venture and both of you could afford your tuition! I'm sure Rlo would be up for the challenge, as long as all his "dates" gave him cookies before mercilessly raping his Jesus loving body.