Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My First Herb Garden!

In celebration of 2 days ago (4/20) I planted my first herb garden! OK, that is a total lie... I mean I did plant the herbs, but they are all of the legal strain and it was simply a coincidence that I did it on or around the same date.

I had stopped by a friends yard sale and there was this cute little herb kit for sale with pots, seeds and a book that tells you all about growing a herb garden. I asked her how much and she told me because she loves me, it was free! Score! Only one problem, it didn't come with dirt or potting soil... whatever you want to call it. Luckily, I knew a place to score some dirt.

"Hey Mom? Can I score some of your dirt? You know, the good stuff?"

"You are so odd sometimes. It's in the garage, you'll have to have your father cut the bag open."

Apparently my parents score the good stuff in bulk. I'm talking Costco size bags (yes that was plural) of potting soil. But hey, I'm not complaining because I got my free dirt to plant my free herbs. It's all about free love baby... or something like that. I was never much of a hippie, so I'm not sure...

Anyway I have been told that it is very hard to grow herbs from seeds and I haven't read the book that came with it, so any herb growing advise you have let me know!

Blogfully yours,


Grand Pooba said...

I've got no Herb growing advice, I just had to tell you how cute that little shovel is!

kel said...

You tricked me. Boo.