Monday, April 20, 2009

Table For One

Sunday I had planned to go to brunch with a friend of mine but at the last minute she had to cancel. I took one look in my cupboards, opened and promptly shut my fridge then grabbed my keys, off to find some "real" food. I spend the most of my lunch breaks eating alone, so what's Sunday brunch alone, right?

I get to the restaurant, request not to sit at the bar, and am seated next to a large table of bikers who are finishing up. When the waitress finally notices me she greets me, "Oh hey there. Sorry, I didn't see you. Are you eating ALL BY YOURSELF?"

I refrained from being a smart-ass, mainly because her shocked expression caught me off guard. Truly I am OK with eating alone. I'm a very independent person and if I want eggs, by damn I'm gonna pay someone to cook me some!

Politely I told the waitress, "yes, I am dining alone. Can I please have some coffee?" I think the waitress must have been slightly embarrassed or maybe my single-dining-ness made her uncomfortable because after that she came by as little as possible and didn't say "boo" to me.

Is it really that uncommon of a thing to eat alone? Am I the only one doing it? Maybe I need to find less flakey friends... or God forbid, buy groceries. Who am I kidding? My friends are awesome flakes and groceries are overrated. I think the obvious solution here is to come up with better come back lines or brilliant stories to mess with the shocked waitresses. At least that will keep things interesting.

Blogfully yours,


Karina The Russian said...

Who stood you up??? Honey! I'll cut that bitch!
Dinning along is filling in a way... gives you time to think about staff you usual do not have time to think about.

Dan, Country, Kaitlyn & Ashlyn said...

lmao at that one - Summer! Girl, I eat alone all the time lol! I travel to LA every other week for my job so I LIVE at hotels and restaurants. I think its only uncommon here in Utah!
Although, it is more enjoyable with company I have to say. I usually will bring a book to read or catch up on my texting and emails w/my phone. (there's another plus - you get hit on a lot more when you're alone! well, I don't know if that's good or bad...)

Sarah Bellum said...

I like eating alone, though I'd rather do it outside of SLC.

Jeremy said...

I hate eating alone... I was told I see eating as a social function and so now I just invite my other personalities whenever I am alone. The people in Europe must have thought I was an escapee from the loony bin.

Kate said...

I don't mind eating alone, but it's harder in some places than others. I did this twice in the last few weeks, as I'm trying to meet new friends and sometimes they stand me up.