Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Excellent Babysitter, Horrible Mother

I watched my niece Brielle on Saturday for a few hours. We painted our finger and toenails (pink of course) while watching Spiderman and eating chocolate. I only have one "real" kid movie, and Bri didn't feel like watching it, so Spiderman was the next best thing.

Once we had our fill of all things unhealthy and we both started getting cranky for a nap, I called up Brielle's mom to come and get her. She cried when she had to leave. It was strangely satisfying to know that she had that good of a time.

I am obviously an amazing aunt/babysitter.

When it comes to my own demon child, my cat Aurora, I am not such a good mother. I honestly think she is either possessed or enjoys driving me crazy. She bitches (meows) at me non-stop. I pet her for a minute, but then she just goes right back to it. I let her out on the patio (I'm on a second floor and she is too chicken to jump) and she'll be happy for maybe 5 minutes then she is meow-meow-meowing again. She is getting worse too. She has now decided that I do not need to sleep. It is much more important to wake up at 3 AM to pet her. She will voice this in one of 3 ways: the traditional meowing, making noises by batting the blinds or opening drawers, and the very worst of all - licking my hair!
I have learned of only 2 things to make her temporarily shut her trap:

1) a squirt bottle of water. I keep one by my bed and one in the front room.

2) The vacuum. It will make her hide under the bed for at least a good hour.

But does it make me a bad parent/pet owner to use either method, just to get her out of my hair? It seriously makes me wonder what I would do with a screaming child! Right now I am considering hiring a pet psychic, THAT'S HOW BAD SHE IS! I just need to understand how to make her happy.

Blogfully yours,


Teri said...

Angie (from the AAF) totally knows a pet psychic and swears by her. You should totally hire her!!

Brooke said...

Haha the "kid" movies we watch with my nephew are Spiderman and Men in Black. I made the mistake of putting on Spiderman when he was only 2 or 3 and it scared him and he cried. I felt really bad. I thought that would be a good kid movie. You confirmed to me that I am not crazy. Kids should like that movie right?

Karina The Russian said...

Watch spider man and eat sweets.......... Do you know what i'm thinking????
I love you and YOU are THE best mother ever! THe Russian Kids Love you!
and I do to!

Anonymous said...

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