Friday, April 3, 2009

At the risk of ruining my bad ass image...

I am a fairly sensitive person. Even when I was a little girl my mother would tell me that I "wear my heart on my sleeve". What's worse it that I am very in touch with my crying genes.

Sad movie? Watch out for the waterworks because there is no stopping them.

Emotional television show (Greys, Private Practice, Brothers & Sisters, etc)? I keep tissues by the couch because it's inevitable.

Country music? I had to boycott it because I would be driving down the street and almost get in a wreck because I couldn't see through my stupid tears! I hate country music.

Recently my crying genes got the best of me while at school. No, it wasn't over a test or out of frustration. It was because my math teacher, who I have had for 2 semesters in a row, shared the story of having to put her dog down because cancer had ravaged his body. We all knew that her dog was sick and that he was her world. She would often talk about it to some of us before class got started. So when I came into class to see her eyes red, I knew something was up. She apologized to the class in advance stating that she was sorry if she seemed distracted, then continued to share the story of bringing her beloved pet to the hospital, his final moments and even some pictures that her friend had taken of their last moments together. I bawled. I wasn't alone either. The entire female population of the class was crying and some of the guys too. Honestly, how could you not?

After it happened, I told ED the story. He called me a sissy. I couldn't argue. If by sissy you mean that I am in touch with my emotions and my heart reaches out to people who are hurting and the only way it knows how to do that is through ruining my make up, then yes, I am a sissy.

I know some people will think that it was unprofessional of the teacher to take up class time to share her story, and maybe it was. I didn't mind though. Teaching is about all she has. She is a single retired woman who teaches because she loves it and honestly she is an amazing teacher. She lost the companion who was always waiting for her at home. It seems a little heartless to complain.

"Sissy"-fully yours,


7 comments: said...

As a teacher, sometimes it's so hard to keep it together when big things are going on. I don't think you're a sissy---I would have bawled, too.

Jeremy said...

since when is being human unprofessional? I would have bawled too. And I am tuff! I swear!

Erin said...

Dead pet stories are the worst. I couldn't have kept it together, either.

kel said...

Wesley is not insensitive, he's just a farm boy.

Court and Jeff said...

If you are a sissy, I am a sissy - I cry at everything! LOL Tell ED that he needs to grow a sensitive gene - I know he's got one in there somewhere!

theoddduckling said...

Just letting you know, I may have cried a bit while reading this.

Doesn't help that I had to put my puppy down to cancer last night.

insane mother of three said...

are teacher not people too? And its not like she had not previously shared about her companion. Why would it be acceptable if that companion had been a human, for her to share her story to the class?

Good on you for being a sissy!