Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting Out of The Car

There are few things better than the first true sunny spring day at the park. I work a few blocks away from Liberty Park and I often spend my lunch breaks there eating in the car. Rarely have I ever gotten out of the car, but yesterday was different. The sun was out and I couldn't bear the thought of not soaking it in - fear be damned! I spotted the perfect location, a gazebo out in the middle of the pond. No one was sitting there. It had my name written all over it. I exited my comfort zone of confined car door walls, and started the short walk over to my lunch destination. Walking along in my business attire, sharp heels aerating the lawn as I stepped on the moist grass. I felt the soft breeze swirl around me and wished I had the sense to pack a light jacket. I had been so excited to hear that the temperature would be in the 70's that nothing else mattered, outside of wearing the new sleeveless spring top I had purchased 3 weeks prior.

I continued on, walking across the wooden and steel bridge, then carefully stepping around, so as not to wake, the nesting geese. I choose a bench in the sun. Ah the sweet warm sun. Soaking it up for a minute before opening up my sandwich. A flood of memories of all the times I had come to the park and never stepped foot outside my car, except to deposit my trash, came rushing to me. I used spend 3 to 4 lunch breaks a week sitting in my car talking to the foreign man of my affection. "So, what are you having to eat today? Sandwich? So predictable."

On the park bench, hearing the birds call to each other and watching the clouds lazily float by, felt different. I felt alive, like I was finally living in the moment not dreaming of moments that would never be. I closed my eyes while taking in several deep breaths. When I opened them and once again became aware of my surroundings I took out my predictable sandwich and savored every last bite taking comfort in the fact that today, I was not predictable. Today I got out of the car.

Blogfully yours,


Susan said...

I felt like I was there with you with that perfectly written story. Only disappointing part...I was waiting for a goose attack twist.

Brooke said...

I do the same thing! I always sit in my car at parks for lunch. I am glad that you got out of the car. I might have to try that sometime. :)

kel said...

Damn. I was hoping it was going t be about a homeless man or something. but lovely nonetheless!

Sarah Bellum said...

I'm confused. Why "fear be damned!"?

Summer said...

@susan thank you. Those damn geese are mean so I stayed away.

@Brooke I encourage it. Just stay away from the couples making out on the grass!

@kel homeless people scare me.

@sarahbellum homeless people scare me.

Jeremy said...

getting out of the car - getting out of the office - I made a promise to myself earlier this year that I wasn't going to sit in my office and eat my lunch at my desk... I was going to take my camera and go out, even for just an hour, and eat, enjoy the fresh air and take pictures.

Here is to doing something new - fear be damned.

Anonymous said...

Hey George...I happen to love Liberty Park. As for homeless people, I run in to more here at the Gateway than I ever have at Liberty. Liberty park is more hippies, which at first glance, may appear to be homeless ;)