Thursday, April 2, 2009


Me: Hey babe, did you get a chance to read my post about going to the country?

ED: Yeah, I liked it.

Me: Oh sweetie! You are getting so good at giving the standard boyfriend answer instead of telling me what you really think! Have you been practicing?

ED (ignoring my comment): You were right about the comments. It's pretty sweet that the Kel person called me hot and she made me laugh when she said she wouldn't call me ED.

Me: Yeah, but unfortunately you are stuck with it now. You are ED!

ED: What if you called me Wesley?

Me: Wesley? Why would I call you Wesley?

ED: You know, "farm boy, fetch me that pail of water." "As you wish."

Me: Great Princess Bride reference babe and that would be appropriate... but I'm sorry, I named you ED and ED you will stay. We are past the point of no return.

ED: OK, but just remember, people thinking I have an erectile dysfunction or that I'm emotionally disturbed reflects poorly on you too!

Me: Noted. I'm still not changing your name.

ED: It was worth a try.

Blogfully yours,



Erin said...

Cary Elwes was so cute. Then "Twister" happened.

kel said...

Tell Wesley I want to have a tractor pull when I come to town.

kel said...

And that an old Farm-All machine you're on? Because it looks eerily similar to some of the machines we have on the farm....oh, God, the memories.

Jeremy said...

ED could stand for Eye-rapeD... but then what would that say about you?