Thursday, March 19, 2009

Could You Please Just Lie To Me?

I'll be the first to admit, sometimes I fish for complements. It started when I was little girl. My Mother would take my sisters and I shopping for school clothes and when we got back we would force my Dad to sit there while we did a fashion show of all of our new digs. With each new outfit I would ask "Daddy, what do you think of this one?" and being the well trained man that he is (having a wife and 3 daughters did the trick), he would always respond that it was "very nice" or "cute". If his enthusiasm wasn't quite what I hoped for I would give him THE LOOK. You know, the look that says Dad this outfit deserves much higher praise and if you don't recognize that I might just cry, or at the very least pout! To which my Dad would either validate with higher praise or give me a hard time because he is mean like that.

ED has not received proper training. He keeps insisting on this whole honesty thing. "Babe what do you think of this top? Do you think it is too tight or can I pull it off?" Pause... More of a pause... I give him THE LOOK... Still more of a pause! Finally, as I am already yanking it off to find something else, he starts in with "no, I think it's OK. I'm just trying to thing of what everyone else will be wearing and yes, I think it will be OK."

I realize that is a very minor example, but he is like that with almost everything. The other day I read a blog post from Wasatch Woman's Magazine that was talking about honesty and giving opinions and it got me thinking further about this component to my relationship with ED. I have to admit that I really do like dating someone who has an opinion. He is constantly opening my eyes to different points of view and it keeps things interesting. I also know that he will never let me leave the house looking inappropriate, which truth be told is really a good thing. But every now and then, when he doesn't give me the simple complement I am fishing for, when he over analyzes and complicates things, I look at him and say "could you please just lie to me? Right now I don't want to hear the truth."

Is that so wrong?

Blogfully yours,



Frank said...

His pause could mean that he needs a moment to think and doesn’t have a Twix handy, or it could be totally intentional. Ripping your top off in disgust, is still ripping your top off!!! YES!!!

Karina The Russian said...

I agree with Frankie! He is ripping your top of in his mind!

Erin said...

Yeah, this is what gay roommates are for. God bless my Bryan, even though he leaves Saltines on the living room floor.