Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I think the flower distracted them

Saturday night was an event that I look forward to all year, The ADDY Award Gala. For those of you not in the advertising industry the ADDYS are awards given to advertising agencies as well as in house agencies for their creative work. The award gala is a formal affair and of course I LOVE formal affairs. Any chance to get all dressed up is one I will take! Of course I had to buy a new outfit (yeah, twist my arm right?). I ended up going with a black fitted knee length pencil skirt and a light pink halter top with a ginormous flower at the top.
Only problem was that I am pasty white. I decided to get my first ever spray on tan, just enough to "give me a glow". Little did I know how serious spray tanning needs to be taken. I ended up with one arm darker than the other, my right wrist looks dirty and my left wrist looks freckled.

Luckily my dashing date ED chose to make the right decision and pretend like it wasn't so bad. He's a smart man. We ended up having a lovely time and ED got exposed to the advertising world that I work in, complete with all of the egos that fuel us. I didn't take a full length shot, but here are the two that I do have.

Blogfully yours,


Jeremy said...

You look absolutely fabulous!

I started out in advertising way back when - I loved it.

Erin said...

Wow!! ... Can you please choose my clothes every day?

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shirt!
.. are you sure if was a flower.. I think it was your croch! and perky boobies!
LOVe you
guess who ;)