Friday, March 6, 2009

My transformation to nerdom is almost complete

As I was driving home from school I started thinking about my day. I went to lunch with my friend Sarah and was reflecting on our "we only have an hour so lets catch up on everything that has been happening over the past 2 weeks" conversation. We talked about the stresses of juggling both school and work. Then we discussed blogging and Google Analytics. Next up was the BlogHer convention we are going to in July. We followed our lunch up with talking about iPhones and whether or not to use them as iPods as well. I think we discussed boys for a total of 5 minutes (ED don't be mad. It's not that you are not important or interesting baby, because you are... and special too....and you can bench like 350 lbs so that's cool too.)

I remember a time, not so long ago, when my conversations were all about who is dating who, where I went out to last weekend, Oh my god where did you get that outfit!, sex, and other fun trivial topics. Now I discuss technology and school. I Twitter. I blog. I facebook. I wear glasses more often than not and right now I am sitting with a pencil in my hair.

The worst part, I ACTUALLY considered making a pie chart to illustrate my social life now versus a year ago! Yeah! I have become that girl. People used to call me to see where the action was at!

But never fear! I promise not to get boring on you (or me for that matter)! Spring break is only a week away and I plan to take full advantage of it.

I WILL HAVE A LIFE AGAIN... even if it only lasts for a week.

Blogfully yours,



The Odd Duck said...

You have a life now, ergo a different one.

Now were you to start showing an interest in D & D then you may have reason to worry.

- Kendall

Sarah Bellum said...

You're giving me a giant complex. I think having conversations about events we are attending and the tools we use in our industry isn't really nerdy. It's adult.

I promise next time I'll squeal and show you my Hello Kitty sparkle lip gloss if that helps.

Frank said...

I bet when you and Sarah are together it's electric!!! You should sell tickets.

Karina Randle said...

THe whole pencil in your hair thing is HOT! I love you my sexy sexy herd!