Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sure, I'd love to see your farm!

I have great news! This weekend I am going to hang out on a farm somewhere in the middle of no-where Utah! Yay me!

The other day ED asked me, over a plate of cheese fries from The Training Table, what my plans for the weekend are and what my homework load was looking like. I told him that I didn't really have any plans and that homework outlook seemed low, then added suspiciously, "why do you ask?". Then my darling ED told me that he was going to go to his parents house for the weekend, along with his brother, to do some work on the family farm. Then he oh so casually asked me if I would like to join him... at his parents house... for the weekend! I am happy to report that I did not jump across the table and kiss him, nor did I start hyperventalating from a full blown panic attack. I kept it cool and collected and simply said, "Sure, that sounds like fun."

Later I got a call from my best friend Karin The Russian (that's right she started her own blog) to tell her about my conversation. We went over all of the important details, like what the deeper meaning could be, how I felt about things and what the traveling arrangements would be.

We got off the phone, less than 2 minutes later Karina called me back up.

Karina: "I totally forgot to ask you the most important question! What are you going to wear? I think you should wear the new shirt you got from bebe yesterday! You look so sexy in that!"

Me: laughing "Well, I am going to be on a farm, so I don't think a silk blouse from bebe is the best choice. Plus, I don't want to appear all uppity fancy-shmancy high maitenence. I was thinking I would just wear jeans and casual tops and my cowboy boots."

Karina: "So let me get this strait... you won't wear a bebe shirt, but you are going to wear your DESIGNER cowboy boots? What the hell is wrong with you?"

Me: "Boots are boots! They won't know the difference. I just can't wear them out in the mud...come to think of it, that might give me away."

Karina: "Whatever. OK, here is your To Do list items while you are there. Are you ready? Number one: Wear overalls! Number two: Have sex in a barn!"

Me: "Oh. My. God! You are too funny!"

Karina: "I expect a full report on these two items. Just make sure that you do not have straw stuck in your hair when you go back in the house. But if you do, just hurry and put in your mouth and they will think you are one of them!"

Good old Karina. Always looking out for what is important!

All joking aside, what do you wear to meet the parents? I'm slightly out of practice here folks. In fact, the last parents I met, were my x-husbands. Wow... "but I am So not going to do what everyone thinks I am going to do, which is totally FREAK out!" Sorry, had a Jerry McGuire flashback for a minute there.

Blogfully yours,



kel said...

First....don't wear the designer boots. Trust me. They'll spot it from a mile away.

Second....jeans, t-shirt, sneakers. That's the preferred attire on the farm (at least in my hood).

Third.....I'm dying to know WHERE he's from in Utah and WHat type of farm this is.....shoot me an email, sister!

Kevin D. White said...

What you wear on the farm is not as important as what you do. A farm isn't just a house with a big yard and a petting zoo. A farm is a place of work. You pull your weight and everyone will accept you as family. So go ahead and wear the silk top and designer boots if you want just make sure they get really dirty.

Karina The Russian said...

Are they going to let you milk a cow???? Please take a picture!

susanmercedes said...

Not sure what you should wear and if they expect you to really do farm work. So I can't help you there. But whatever you do, DON'T forget to pack pj's. I did that once on a BF parent meeting trip. I suggest not making the same mistake.:)

Erin said...

If you actually will be doing farm stuff on the farm, bring work boots and/or galoshes. If you don't have that, bring hiking boots. It might be too wet or muddy for tennies.

Agree with kel on the jeans and T-shirt. Just bring a warmish hooded sweatshirt or whatever you might wear hiking for a jacket. I'm assuming you don't have a quilted flannel shirt. But that might be a little too perfect. You don't want them to think you're a poser.

So says the child of Iowa who never detassled so much as a stalk of corn.

Jeremy said...

Ask your boy what he is going to wear.

If he is in jeans and a sweatshirt with boots - wear the same.

The farm fam isn't going to care if you look sexy in your new bebe shirt... they are going to think you are sexy if you are knee deep in horse shit helping muck out the winter stalls.

Jeans, T-shirt with sweatshirt / fleece jacket and oldish work/hiking boots... expect to get dirty.

Dave said...

And be sure not to sleep in.

Sarah Bellum said...

Leave your boots home. The country is muddy in the winter. Take cruddy, old sneakers. I've seen your boots and they are way too cute to ruin.

You'll do great! It's pretty much impossible not to love you. Duh.

Karina The Russian said...

Hi! My name is Summer and I DIDNT milk a Shit this weekend!!!
Or had sex in the barn or wear overalls!
Damn you Sexy woman get with the program already!
Love you and miss you!

Kristy Owens said...

I just read this and I am still laughing at the guy who said they would think you were sexy if you are knee deep in horse shit! HA HA!! That is so true!