Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here goes something

So my good friend Sarah encouraged me to check out or rather sign up for the Grace in Small Things website. She told me it is great for when you don't have anything "good" to blog about. So I thought, sure, why not? I'll check it out. I looked at it and I'm still not really sure what it is all about, but it encourages you to write about 5 positive things everyday and claims it will send you "challenges" every day. Don't worry, I won't really be doing that - except for this post. Not because I have nothing to write about, but because I've had a stressful day and I think a little forced positivity never hurt anyone... at least not seriously... that I know of.

Here we go! 5 Positive Things!

1. My cat. God I sound pathetic but she is rubbing against me right now (she hates when I ignore her) and it is really sweet, plus her fur is soft against my leg.

2. I get to see the boyfriend like 4 or 5 times this week! Normally we restrict it to 2 - 3 nights per week. OK restrict is the wrong word... it's just that we are both so busy and both have school so that is about all we can fit in. But not this week! I played hookie from school last night to do homework so he came over and he is actually on his way over as I write this. So this week is looking good!

3. As I was cleaning up and organizing my filing box last weekend, shredding old stuff and what not, I came across the most horrible sight! About 4 years ago, when I was still married, I had let myself go and was probably 15 lbs heavier than I am right now. In an effort to get motivated, my ex-husband and I took pictures of ourselves in swimsuits from all angles as well as wrote down our body measurements. Why in the world I still have these pictures I have no idea. They are incredibly disturbing to look at BUT seeing them made me appreciate how far I have come as well as realizing that I never want to look like that again! PLUS, of course I had to measure myself to see what I am now and I am like 2-3" smaller in most areas! Hells yeah!

4. HEROES! I am so totally addicted to this show. The boyfriend and I keep renting the DVDs and staying up until 1 to watch them. It is not great for the sex life but DAMN are they good! We are midway through season two and although I have been watching all of season 3 simultaneously it is so cool to get caught up on what I have missed. Yeah, I know I am a dork, but my Dad raised me to like comic book type shows.

5. Last but not least, writing. I was thinking about it a lot today and I do a lot of writing. I am sure right now you are thinking that it doesn't show because my grammar and punctuation is always off, but I really do dammit! For work, for school, for myself and for you lovely Internet. I absolutely love it. It is a release and a chore. It helps define me as well as challenge me. Without it I'd probably end up in a mental institution talking to myself.

Whew! So that wasn't so bad right? I feel more positive and healthy (mentally) already. I don't know what "challenges" this Grace in Small Things will throw my way next, but don't be surprised if the good ones end up on here occasionally.

Peace out!

Blogfully yours,



Anonymous said...

ha ha! I love it!!! I need to see the pic!
Love you
your crotch lover

Erin said...

I got into Heroes when I screwed up my back last year, but then lost track during the whole writer's strike delay. Should try to catch up!

Jeremy said...

I kinda let myself go after I got out of the Army... and I did a similar thing - took photos of myself in a bikini and yea... I don't know why I still have them either.

I will toss mine if you toss yours.

Sandi said...


You are a nut and I have loved reading you. Since we will be sleeping together in July I thought I should do a bit of a background check and guess what? You passed! Add that to your grace list!

Sarah Bellum said...

CORRECTION: Sandi, I'm going to be sleeping with Summer. OH MY GOD, what a spectacular band name: Sleeping with Summer! I'm going to learn to play a musical instrument or sing ASAP!!

Janelle said...

I think you are a great writer Summer! I have thought this while reading your blog but now you mentioned it so I decided to comment!

I love your titles by the way....I wish I were better at writing titles on my blog!