Saturday, March 21, 2009

Furthering My Social Marketing (i.e. nerd) Training

I'm a little late to get this post up, but better late than never (story of my life!), right?

Last Thursday I went to my first Social Media Club of Salt Lake City (SMCSLC) meeting. I had a great time. Actually... I had social anxiety until I recognized some happy familiar faces, Erin (Finding SLC/Poor Penmanship) followed by Susan (Off The Chest).

Most of the time (surprisingly) I understood what everyone was talking about, although I still always end up with a worried look on my face in pictures. Good news was that I sat next to the lovely Roby Storms who kept me laughing and tried to answer my questions on the "harder" stuff like where to pick up the latest Social Marketing fashion trends or why mommy bloggers tend to dismiss other bloggers as unimportant.

Luckily my transition to nerdom has been underway for a little while now. I had my iPhone with me, which turns out is a good thing because it serves as a pass to get into the "cool kids club".

All kidding aside, I had a great time. I am truly fascinated by the new revolution that is Social Marketing. For my industry, it is one of those ships that comes sailing through and you either need to jump on board or get left behind. I've obviously chosen to jump on board and I am looking forward to attending future events and to growing my knowledge which will (hopefully) make me a more marketable/sought after employee.

Cheers! Hope to see you at the next one!

Blogfully yours,



Jeremy said...

you don't need the iPhone to be included in the cool kids club... we read your blog. We know how cool you are.

susanmercedes said...

We'll I'm thrilled we are on this social ship together. Let's stay on the ship and the wagon together too. Hugs.

Erin said...

I want to see a parody mommy blog about someone's poop. "My kids did the funniest thing today when I dropped them off at the pool."

Karina The Russian said...

You are the Sexiest/most Gorgeous girl in that room! No joke! DAmn honey bunny! YOu stand out!!
Love you!!!!

Karina The Russian said...

where is todays blog???

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