Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A cautionary tale

Saturday night I dragged Karina the Russian and the boyfriend (I still do not have a name picked out for him) to Port O'Call to see Royal Bliss perform. For my non-Utahan readers, Port O'Call is one of our oldest bars and it is being forced to shut down because the government wants to put a building there. Also, Royal Bliss is Utah's local band who recently released their first major record label CD. I love the band, have hung out with them on more than a few occasions and seen them in concert at least a dozen times. This particular concert was very important to me as it would be my last time ever to set foot in Port O'Call and one of my last opportunities to see Royal Bliss before they become huge rock stars.

I swear it was like pulling teeth at first to get everyone on board to go. Karina was able to get a baby sitter and even though she has a bit of a grudge against the sexy guitar player (long story), got excited to go out. I had to take the boyfriend to the gym and give him a good workout before he was able to get excited to go (get your mind out of the gutter). My sister Staci and her BF Cody were suppose to come and she actually WAS excited to go, but she got sick.

So the Russian and the sexy nerd couple headed to the show. We ended up having to pay double the amount of the tickets because they were sold out. Thank god for exercise because the boyfriend stayed happy to make me happy. We made it upstairs and were watching the show. Of course the boys of Royal Bliss did not disappoint. We ended up standing behind a slightly older man and woman who were incredibly drunk. Now, I am not going to be a prude and say there is anything wrong with having a really good time and I've had more than my share of times being the drunken fool. But when you get to be so drunk that you are spilling drinks on people, dancing into them, starting fights in the women's restroom and causing my BF to want to punch you in the face for grabbing me, it's no longer cool, it's sad.

I made Karina swear to me the next morning over breakfast at Mimi's that we would never let each other get like the ridiculous older drunk woman or her friend (or whatever he was). Seriously, it's not cute at any age, but to be 40-something and falling over drunk, I never want that to be me. Luckily I now have Karina's solemn oath that it never will be. Yet another reason why I love her.

Blogfully yours,



The Odd Duck said...

In the women's restroom? Seriously?

Hope that other than the drunken shenanigans, you three had a good time at the bar's last night.

Jeremy said...

That is too bad. My wife has had to pull me off of a few drunktards. You drink yourself into a stupor and act like an idiot... prepare to get pissed on after I beat your ass.

I am a violent DD.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh good old drunk lady with her old dancing floppy vagina!
If i see that bitch again... next time she'll accidentally will fall of the balcony and accidentally break her neck.The End!
The Russian!

Erin Alberty said...

I'm gonna say 50/50 that I end up like that at least once in my 40s.

Fortunately, my big nights out usually end with deep conversations and hugs in the ladies' room. Not fights. That's just wrong.

I covered Port's closing last night. It was sad!

C.S. Perry said...

The irony is that everybody hates a drunk and I've been more than drunk more than my share of times.But we all do it. And I'm no spring chicken any more either and I've gotten away with more vile crap than you can imagine. Sure, people talk big but I'd never get "pissed" on or my ass kicked. How do I know? Because it never happened. And Lord knows I had it coming.
So take it easy on all the "old' drunks out there. Even though my Hard Days are behind me...we all have to get stupid sometimes.

kel said...

Port O' Call closing is so sad to me. I have many great memories from there, but even more nights where I don't remember a goddamn thing.

Modern Day Housewife said...

So sad about the Port! Total BS! Thank God for friends that don't let friends fly stupid! :)

becky said...

oh, lord. by 'older' you meant 40s? to me, that meant at least 50s or more. yeesh, i feel old now. lol!