Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm dating a freak

Text conversation with the boyfriend:

Me: "What do you think about me making you dinner tonight?"

ED: "Sounds good to me."

Me: "Any requests?"

ED: "Nope. It's up to you."

Me: "Well I was thinking I'd skip the gym and go grocery shopping instead as I have no food in my place since the Secret has not delivered it to me yet. Plus then you'd be able to see me in my sexy business clothes. ;)"

Me: "OR I can go to the gym, pick up Greek food and you will get sweaty, hair in ponytail Summer and I will still not have food at my place."

ED: I don't want to hurt your health and fitness so Greek food sounds great. :)"

Me: "How did I know you would say that? Fine... I'll go to the gym, but just so you know, I am in a skirt today AND I curled my hair. Neither of which you will see. :-P

ED: "It's a damn shame, but I care about you and don't want your health to suffer because I'm selfish. :) Besides, I really like sweaty post workout Summer too. :)

Seriously? Serves me right for dating a personal trainer. I try to get off the hook, with somewhat legitimate reasons, and he doesn't bite. WTF? I guess should have known better than to try and seducing him with food and business clothes. He has non-human will power.

Blogfully yours,


Frank said...

His line was sooooo rehearsed.

Nice suck up Ed.

Erin Alberty said...

God, I don't even wear business clothes unless I think my boyfriend will see. I'd be so bummed! But I love Greek food, so that'd be a decent consolation.

C.S. Perry said...

Business clothes are always groovy...especially if you're a hooker.

Cat said...

I need to borrow him, for reals. Get my chunky ass into gear.

Court and Jeff said...

I think it's a thing... Jeff does the same thing to me too - so it's not him it's just the male pyschy!! LOL