Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 hours with a 3 year old

Saturday I woke up and had the day all to myself. Only problem with that is I'm not paticularly good at it. I scheduled myself a massage and while Miss Boney Fingers was jabbing away at my aching muscles I thought about how I should spend my day. For some reason my adorable niece Brielle kept popping into my mind. I hadn't seen her in forever. A few days earlier my sister had called and put her on the phone "Do you want to ride the train with me Summer?" Just like that. She is speaking in full clear sentences! To clarify as to why she was asking me about riding a train, last September Karina and I took her 2 kids ("our kids") and Brielle on Utah's public transportation system called "Trax". I guess my sister had driven past it and Brielle couldn't stop talking about it. It's amazing the things kids remember.

When I was finished being torchered by my sadistic massage therapist I called up my sister to see if I could borrow her daughter for a few hours. She was thrilled because she and her BF needed to do "homework". When I picked up Brielle she couldn't contain her excited because we both had on boots and hats which made us twinners.

As we left my sisters 2nd story apartment, Brielle sang a familar song I had so cleverly taught her once when I didn't have the ability to carry both her and grocierys "Stairs, stairs, stairs. I love stairs!" yet another thing I can't believe she remembers.

I took her to a bunch of really fun places, like the dry cleaners, the grocery store and the mall. She was a trooper through most of it. I will say that picking out the perfect Valentines card is near impossible with a 3 year old interrupting you every 30 seconds "can I have a teddy bear?" OK. Only if you are good. "I want some candy" No, you are getting the teddy bear. "I don't want my coffee anymore" There goes $3 out the window. "Hold me" Give me one more second princess. "I don't like this store anymore!" Until finally I choose a card, grab the stuffed animal, throw down some cash, bolt out of the store and head to my parents house for some back up support.

Honestly, how can something so adorable be so incredibly overwhelming? I watched her for a total of 4 hours and that was enough. Her way of thanking me for buying her a teddybear, putting makeup on her and letting her wear my jewelry, was to give me material I will use to blackmale or at the very least embarass her in front of a cute boy one day. I suppose you could call it a messed up parting gift of sorts.

"SUMMER! Can you come into the bathroom? I need HELP!"

I walk in and she tells me she needs me to wipe her. She jumps off the potty, turns around, puts her head down and her poopy little bum right in the air. Completely unabashed with a smile on her face.

Renting a kid is fun, but I have to say, the best part is getting to returning them.

Blogfully yours,


Jeremy said...

I don't want my coffee anymore?

From a 3 year old?

I am not judging... I am just laughing. A lot.


Anonymous said...

You can rent my children of me as your day adventure any time!
WE love YOU!
The Russians!

Staci and Cody said...

Hahahahah! I am still laughing! The butt up in the air part is the best! She can wipe herself when she goes pee pee but I've trained her to do that when she goes poo poo so she's not a stinky butt! She loves her Aunt Summer!

kel said...

Everyone says it's different when they're yours. So far I've been too scared of them to find out if that's really true...

Summer said...

@Jeremy: just to clarify, to her it was a "coffee" but in truth it was a "Strawberry Moo" or steamed milk with strawberry flavoring.

I don't think I could have handled her on caffine.

Frank said...

She is adorable!!! Bum in the air like she don’t care… what a crack up.

Hats off to you. I have to do mummy hands to wipe my own, I am NOT doing the wipe for anybody...

Jenni said...

That is so cute. Been there done that!