Thursday, September 18, 2008

Because it feels good.

Last Sunday I watched my niece B ALL DAY LONG! Whew! Talk about a new found respect for parents. That little girl wore me out! She is at the age where she repeats everything you say and is super clingy. Luckily little miss B is (almost) completely potty trained too which is nice. I am not one who likes "accidents" so before leaving the house I check to make sure she doesn't need to go.

Aunt Summer: "B, do you need to go potty before leave the house?"

B: "NO!"

Aunt Summer: "Well why are you holding yourself then? Cause it feels good?"

B: "Yeah, it feels good."

Aunt Summer: "Let's don't repeat that to your mother. OK?"

Guess sarcasm is lost on kids. But really, I didn't know whether or not to be proud of her for her honesty or worried that I am corrupting her more and more every time I see her.

Here are a few pictures from the days events.
We started out the day with some coffee. RELAX! It's a single shot not a double.
Next we ran a few errands. Had to make sure she had shades on so she doesn't get any premature wrinkles.
Next we met up with Karina the Russian and her Russian son Dima and took trax downtown to Gateway to let the kids play in the water feature. Notice how she is on my lap clinging to me.
Later we went to grab a bite to eat and the clingy B fell asleep on my lap. Guess I should have gotten her the double shot after all.

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kel said...

Shame on you! Everyone knows kids and coffee are a bad combination! If you really want to do the trick, give them a shot of whiskey. That'll take 'em down for the count.