Friday, September 12, 2008

How to entertain a 2 year old for 3 hours

Being a non-parent, I am very fortunate to have super cute kids around me so that I don't get the urge to have any of my own. Yesterday I picked up my super adorable niece B from daycare and had to entertain her for a few hours until my sister got off work. B is a cool kid. She REALLY likes me. Probably because I give her candy...and gum...and lipstick. Those are the 3 things she is always asking for, well those and to go to "Summers house? Summers house? Ducks? Feed ducks at Summers house? Kitty. Kitty mean. I want Summers house." But no matter what the reason for her liking me, it makes me feel like a million bucks when I walk through the daycare door and she sees me, screams my name and comes running to give me a huge hug and kiss.

I picked her up and spent the last of my cash buying her Wendy's because she wanted chicken nuggets for dinner although I think she eats more ketchup than food. My client Graywhale was having an event at their store that I needed to stop by and check in on so I had to bring her with me. For me personally, I can spend hours browsing through a record store, but she found it very boring. I told her to pick out a movie so she grabbed the first one that she could reach.
I think it was the best of Will Ferrell DVD. She also picked out some hardcore metal CDs and a gummy that looks like a hamburger. Too cute! Look at what a good influence I have been on her.

After leaving the store I brought her home and loaded her up with otterpops and candy while we gossiped about boys and painted our nails then I taught her how to Twitter. She doesn't quite grasp it yet...but then again up until this week I didn't really either. And yes, that was my plug to all 3 of my readers to let them know they can follow me on twitter.

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kel said...

I'm already following you on twitter. Your niece is cute, and I wouldn't be entertained in a record store, either.