Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Count Down to Cali!

I leave Thursday morning for beautiful sunny California (Newport Beach)! Ask me if I have packed yet...go on...ask. "Summer are you all packed and ready for sunny California?" Of course my answer is NO! I was in class until 8:20 tonight and I have been finishing up my homework for tomorrows class ever since I got home. Tomorrow I have class until 8:30 again so I really won't be packing until about, oh I don't know...10 hours before we leave! Oh and I don't have a ride arranged to the airport yet. Crap! I better get on that instead of blogging. Whose crazy idea was it to stop homework and blog! Oh yeah...mine!


Helm said...

quick!! get drunk!! that will fix everything!!! GO!!

kel said...

Just a word of warning, sister.....pack some jackets. The beach does get chilly at night. Also, we have this thing called the marine layer (similar to clouds) that likes to hang around in the morning and evening. Don't be disappointed if you don't see the sun as much as you want. You'll just have to come back in Jan/Feb when Utah is freezing ass cold and I'm laying out in my backyard.