Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm thinking about going to LSA meetings

I have an addiction.

I think I need serious help.

It's becoming a problem.

Friends and family have started to worry about me.

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem...

My name is Summer and I am a lipstick-aholic. I have been in denial for a long time but now I have to fess up. Right now, in my purse, there are currently 8 tubes of lipstick and a small case which used to have 6 shades in it but now there are only 2 because I used the rest up. On my desk I keep 2 tubes...well I guess technically 3 because one is two sided. My only justification is that they are not ALL lipsticks. Oh no no no! Most of them are glosses. Some with color, some that are lip plumpers and some that I put on over matte lipsticks to add luster.

Yeah...I know. I need help.


kel said...

You can help by sending some my way. Thanks!

Courtney said...

If it makes you feel better, I love lip gloss and chapstick and always seem to buy something when I go to the store... LOL

Salt City Mistress said...

I think this is a very healthy addiction! Your lips need protecting, the only problem I have with lipstick/gloss is my hair is constantly getting stuck to my lips!

Courtney said...

Honestly I do think they have plastic surgeons do the procedure! LOL It just sucks Nico's husband died and I want to slap the little student that is pregnant... LOL