Monday, September 8, 2008

I love my mountain people!

While in California, Karina and I spent our first night there hanging out with her x-boyfriend. He is a local of So-Cal and continued to tease us over and over about being from Utah. "I don't know how you mountain people do things in Utah, but in Cali this is how we roll." Blah Blah BS! It ended up being great on going joke throughout our trip. But you know what? I'll take my down to earth mountain people any day of the week! I was so overwhelmed by the OC mentality. Everything is about image, I mean there is nothing but black, silver and white luxury cars on the road and people can be so incredibly fake! By the last day there I was counting the hours, minutes, seconds until I could be home with my big truck driving mountain people! Don't get me wrong, I had a great time and made some incredible memories, but home...ah home sweet home...I missed you!

I'm home friends. Pictures, stories, and thoughts will be posted later.


kel said... time, you have to come to SD. It's not like OC at all. There's laid-back people and much fun to be had w/out all the fake stuff of OC. That said, though, I feel ya ab. the SoCAl mentality.

Latent Image said...

"Down to earth mountain people" coming from the girl who is the fashionable hiker?
ha...I kid
anyway Kel is right, San Diego is the best

Salt City Mistress said...

I agree with Kelli, SD is soooooo much better! And welcome home...oh wait, I don't live there. Umm, glad you're home, now plan a trip to Chicago! (wait for next summer, the weather has turned something not-so-very-nice right now)