Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I love it when things just fall into place!

Sometimes I need to remind myself that it's best to just not stress because things will work themselves out. Today is the perfect example. I was able to get everything done for work that was pressing. I went to class and my professor didn't give us very much homework. I am ahead in my Tuesday night class too. Which means I don't need to stress about studying while on vacation. I just finished packing (and I think I packed enough to stay there for a month! (Kel, if I fall in love with Cali, can I just move in with you?) I'm downloading some music for the trip. I found a ride to and from the airport and someone to feed my kitty! See? Everything just fell into place right in time. It's a beautiful thing!

See you soon! Well I guess I won't "really" be seeing a lot of you soon...but you know what I mean.


Latent Image said...

I've always been on the motto "when in doubt flirt" it has never failed with schooling

kel said...

Nice work on the schooling! Well.....we did just have a roommate move in to one of our rooms, and I want to keep the guest room a guest room, but we do have room in the awesome new shed my man-stud built! I promise, you will love CA. And, I'm just kidding. You can totally stay w/ us. My new hot roommate probably won't mind. Nor will my bf.

By the way, I'm wondering why you chose Newport Beach and not SD? Strike one for you, Audrina!