Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Green Bean Casserole

Me: "Hi Stac. So I'm at the store and my Thanksgiving assignment is to make a Green Bean Casserole."

Staci: "Ha ha! You have to cook!"

Me: "Yeah and I am in charge of bringing the coffee too. Don't worry, I'm bringing the real stuff. None of the decaf crap. It's one of the 2 times a year that the family will break the word of wisdom and I plan to take full advantage. Oh, and I got the yummy creamer too! Anyway, I came strait to the store from class and I don't have a recipe for the casserole."

Staci: " are you calling me?"

Me: "Because you are such an amazing cook! Ha! Kidding. You live with Mom and Dad and can get the recipe for me."

Staci: "Oh. Do you know where the recipe box is?"

Me: "YOU LIVE THERE! How would I know where it is? I guess the other option would be for you to jump online and google the recipe then text it to me or call me back with it."

Staci: "Yeah, I could do that. Hold on."

Me: "Holding. I can't believe that they don't have the recipe on the back of the cans of green beans. I was kind of counting on that but NONE of the cans, and I checked them all, had the recipe. I mean, what the hell?"

Staci: "The nerv."

Me: "I know! Don't they realize that there are people like us out there? So, do you have the recipe now or what?"

Staci: "Yeah, 2 cans of green beans, cream of mushroom soup, soy sauce, milk, and fired onions crisps."

Me: "That's it?"

Staci: "Yep."

Me: "Wow. I can't believe we had to google that. That's actually really sad."

Staci: "Someone put a comment that they are allergic to onions so they used almond slivers instead."

Me: "I'll do both. It will make it seem fancier or something."

Staci: "Cool."

Me: "Yeah. I better grab this stuff and go because I have been staring at the green beans for like 10 minutes now and people probably think I am a dense. Thanks for helping and being the one person who cooks less than me."

Blogfully yours,


Erin Alberty said...

I wouldn't know how to make it either!!! That is why I am sticking with Hungry Man (

C.S. Perry said...

Good Lord.

McHelmey said...

It’s a good thing you’re not in Russia. I hear they eat children for thanksgiving and they can take forever to cook…

LeeAnn Howard said...

I love green bean casserole! Always like using the french style green beans for it too. I think the can of fried onions have a recipe on the container too. That could have been your other option when you were in the store. :) Hope it was yummy!