Monday, November 17, 2008

Metallica Part II: My face in print

A few weeks ago I wrote about going to the Metallic concert with my friend Sarah for her birthday. Sarah writes a weekly column called That's What She Said for the independent paper IN Utah This Week. The issue that hit stands last Thursday (and is still out) featured her take on the concert experience as well as a picture of us. This is my first experience of having my picture in the paper for non-illegal activities. I'm pretty sure mug shots don't count though, but even if they do, I like my smile in this picture MUCH better. Click here to check it out.

Blogfully yours,


Helmey said...

Not true…You were on the covers of “Roofied by Russian” and “Stalker by Design” magazines a few months back… Don’t be modest…

Rock on!

Courtney and Jeff said...

OMG!!! I didn't know that that Sarah was your friend. I love her column! Whenever Jeff and I go get breakfast at Gandolfo's I pick up a copy of "IN" so I can read her column. That's awesome!!!