Sunday, November 16, 2008

Breaking and Entering

Last night Karina the Russian and I decided to hit the town. We got all dolled up together and she offered to drive, which was perfect because my car is not registered due to my bad habit of buying clothes & groceries instead of a new windshield which it needs to pass inspection. So I decided I didn't need to bring ALL of my keys, just my house key. Since I was wearing jeans I just stuck the lone key in my pocket and off we went.

As anyone who reads this blog is probably aware, good times always happen when the two of us are together. We get to the club, walk in front of the VIP line, don't pay a cover, say "hi" to all the peps (it's Salt Lake, you are bound to run into people you know wherever you go) and start having a good time.

Somehow, during the "have a good time" part of the night, my key managed to travel somewhere outside of my pocket (shocker!). I ended up spending the night at Karina's and it wasn't until we were sitting at breakfast that it dawned on me to check if I still had my key, which of course I didn't. I called my sis to see if she still had my spare key, and she didn't. I start freaking out until Karina asked if I left my porch door unlocked. I say "yes, but it is on the second story and there are bushes all around it."

Did that stop my beautiful, resourceful, cat-like, Russian friend? Did it detour her from thinking she could do it, even for a minute?

Of course not.

Lessons learned today would include the following:
1. Make sure someone reliable always has a spare key to my place.
2. When going out find a more reliable place to put house key (like a purse perhaps?).
3. Lock balcony doors from here on out at all times.
4. I would be completely lost without Karina, never loose her as a best friend.

Blogfully yours,


kel said...

Uhhh....not to be a downer, but does it bother you at all that it wasn't too hard for someone to hop up to your balcony? DEFINITELY keep your door locked. And maybe get a gun.

Anonymous said...

its Bond.. James Bond Baby!
Love you baby!
I'll clime any balcony for you honey in my hills!
The Russian!!!

C.S. Perry said...

Those Russians have always been tricky. You have to watch them at all times.

Salt City Mistress said...

She's resourceful & beautiful! Note to self: need to find a new BFF in Chicago like K to the R.