Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday Night with Hoobastank

Friday night Karina the Russian, my sis Staci and I went to the X96 Nightmare Before X-mas concert featuring Anberlin and Hoobastank.

Somewhere around 6 years ago, Karin the Russian had met the guitarist for Hoobastank while working for a hotel. She has often talked about him and how much she wished that she had returned his call way back when. So I suggested to her to reach out and contact him (through the lovely myspace world) to see if he remembered her, which of course he did - vividly! Long story short, we ended up hanging out with the band before they went on stage, we stood on the side of the stage while they played their set and partyed with them at the unofficial after party. Needless to say, Karin is "in love"... again. Unfortunately we didn't bring a camera and didn't think to take many camera phone pictures so this is our only "good" picture.

The band(s), their technical people and their friends were all amazingly cool. It's safe to say we had a VERY good time. I'd like to say that I have gotten to the point where I am not star struck by rockstars, but sometimes I still am. For example, I couldn't get up the nerve to go over and say "hi" to the lead singer of Anberlin. I LOVE those guys! In fact, 3 years ago I actually got to meet them, but for some reason I lost my nerve completely. He was sitting maybe 15 feet away from me too! Guess it didn't help that I was a little tipsy and they are a "Christian Rock" band so I am not sure if they even drink or not. Regardless, I just kept picturing making an ass out of my self by saying something stupid like "Hi! Remember me? We met 3 years ago. I LOVE YOU! I have all of your albums - memorized! Let's get married and have lots of rockstar babies!" then security would inevitably be called and they would have to pry me off of him and the whole time I would be screaming "I love you! Call me!" while shouting out my phone number.

Regarless of my chicken-shit-ness, we did have a lot of fun.

Rockstars, motocross guys, tour buses, Doritos, VIP section, lots of laughing... you know, our typical Friday night out.

Blogfully yours,

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Anonymous said...

and i've been wearing his jacket for 4 days straight now!
Great time in Sum and The Russian lives.
Love you!