Monday, December 22, 2008

Tacky Christmas Party

This year I let Christmas take over my tiny 1 bedroom apartment. Instantly I started regretting getting so festive once I realized that the only people who would be seeing my festive bachelorette pad, would be me and my cat. My simple remedy?
Throw a party.
Nothing big, just a few of my closest girlfriends. My place is tiny, any more than 8 - 10 would have been uncomfortable anyway. I chose a theme, which was inspired by my Mother.

Behold the tacky Christmas sweaters in all their glory!

Of course to thank my mother for letting us borrow a few of her sweaters, my sister and I took this picture which we printed out and framed for her.

I'm pretty sure my Mom thinks it was a giant party to mock her, but it wasn't! In fact, someone wanting to be like you is the biggest form of a complement. So that makes us saintly daughters. You're welcome Mom!

Blogfully yours,


Erin said...

My mom was an elementary school music teacher and so had a serious collection of these sweaters. The scariest ones had real jingle bells sewn on them.

Anonymous said...

that was a great party honey!
I'm glad we've met your neighbors... running half naked on your stairs.

Sarah Bellum said...

You're the only girl I know who can wear a ugly sweat and still look spectacular! Well done, honey, well done!