Monday, December 29, 2008

Popping My Snowshoeing Cherry

Some of you who frequent my blog or actually know me personally, know I love to go hiking. It is my little piece of sanity. In fact, one of my blog categories is Hiking. So what does a hiker chick, in desperate need of sanity, do in the winter time?


This was my first experience snowshoeing, but certainly will not be my last. I was a little worried that I would not be able to keep up with the group as school and the holidays have prohibited me from working out as much as I used to. OK, so prohibited may be the wrong word, but they have served as a convenient excuse anyway. I am happy to report that I did great. I kept up with the group, I didn't pass out or keel over. I did however have a goofy grin on my face the entire time. I couldn't help it, it just felt SO GOOD to be back out in nature, I had an endorphin high that lasted all day long.

We snowshoed The Pioneer Trail up East Canyon Road at the Little Dell Reservoir. This is actually the first hike I blogged about last may. I tried to get pictures of the same spots because I am a giant nerd like that.

After hiking I called up Karina the Russian to tell her all about out. I was bouncing off the walls explaining it to her. I told her that she had to come with me next time because it was so beautiful, the air was so clean and fresh, it felt so great to be out in nature, it was a killer workout but low impact cause it didn't hurt my knees at all and it was just so amazing!
She laughed at me and told me I sounded like I was glowing and that she hadn't heard me this excited since I got an unexpected text message on Christmas from a crush, good ol Mr. New York. I laughed and had to agree except the butterflies that this snowshoeing outing gave me were actually created by me, not by a man. So pretty much that makes snowshoeing fucking rule in my book!

Blogfully yours,


kel said...

Looks amazing. And cold. I'll keep my 70 degree weather.

The Odd Duck said...

It's actually called something different when you hike in the snow? Wow, I learned something new today.

I'm happy to hear you had an amazing time and the pictures are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I want to go SnowBalling TOOO!!!
Take me with you!

vincent florence said...

Great !!

I am also a fanatic of snowshowing, and as we say if you can walk you can snowshoe!!

It is just amazing to see the number of people who escape the busy crowd of the ski the resort to experience this magic activity!!

If never you are interested, you can check the website of France Outdoors they offer great Guided walking holidays and snowshoe trips.

Helmey said...

way...way too much work

just take your russian roofie and go to sleep

Erin Alberty said...

Awesome, awesome!! I'm so psyched you did this. I had my snowshoe cherry popped a few weeks ago in Mill Creek Canyon. It is so great to be able to see these places in winter. Didn't know you were such a hiker. You are sooo joining a Hike o' the Week this summer. Endorphins, jokes and wine. Can't go wrong.

C.S. Perry said...

Snowshoeing is fine fun...but beware the Yeti. He lurks about often unlooked for and his savagery knows no bounds.

P.S. Never trust a Russian Girl.