Thursday, July 17, 2008

My 2 Passions Battle It Out

Confession: Last night I played hookie from hiking to go to a free concert at the Hard Rock slap my wrists and send me to time out.

One of my greatest passions in life is music and I love - love - love going to concerts! I had heard on the radio that Justin Nozuka would be doing a free acoustic performance. Now I have no idea at this point in time who Justin Nozuka is, all I hear is free concert and I know I want to be there. I mentioned it to a few friends and they agreed that it sounded fun, although none of them knew who Justin Nozuka was either. Then I was on a weekly conference call between my client and 3 of the local radio stations and I mentioned to the PD of 107.9 The Mix, the station putting on the event, that I would see him at Hard Rock later. He tells me that if I am really going that he would put me on the list! Yay for having connections! I told him to count me in and went to Justin Nozuka's myspace page and listened to him while I was at work so I would be familiar with his music.

My awesome friend Heidi met me at Hard Rock and we walked our VIP butts up to the front of the line (which was wrapping around the building an hour before the concert started) and were ushered to our VIP seats in the VIP section. There was such a huge turn out that they ended up doing 2 concerts to accommodate everyone. Justin's performance was wonderful. He is very young but his music and his voice are very mature. He is a mix between a bluesy singer/song writer and a pop artist. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

This is one of my favorite song (that I know), called "Mr. Therapy Man" - Enjoy!

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