Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday Night Hikes #4

Our hike last night started where the pavement ends at the top of Millcreek Canyon and went up to an overlook of The Canyons Ski resort. A measly 6-7 mile hike. Definitely challenging through some parts. You cross back and forth through a stream for the first mile or so. My balance on the way up was good so my feet stayed dry, on the way down however, I couldn't walk across a log to save my life so my feet were quite soggy. They also allow dogs off leash on odd days, so between the water, the dusty trail and the dogs continually running up and down the trail, I was a dirty sweaty smelly happy hiker!
The hike took a little over 3 hours total, but we were about 15-20 minutes up the canyon so I didn't get home until close to 10. Whew! Well worth it though!
I recently learned the difference between an escape and a retreat. You see an escape is when you are running away from something but a retreat is a planned venture away from your current reality. So I consider hiking my retreat from reality. I feel cleansed and healed every time I go.

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