Friday, July 18, 2008

The Name Game

I have decided to go back to my maiden name...from here on out I shall be known as Summer K. Fredrickson.

It is an incredibly large pain in the butt process to legally change my last name back to what my parents blessed me with. From what I understand, it starts with finding my divorce decree and seeing if I was smart enough to state that I was changing my name back. If not, I have to go to a judge and get his permission! HIS PERMISSION??? To change my name??? Anyway, then I have to go to the social security offices and get a new ss card. Next a new license. After that then I will begin changing all of my banking, bills, passport, email and whatever else I am leaving out.

If anyone has any advise on shortcuts to getting your name changed back please feel free to share! Also I need to figure out how to set up a URL that says Fredrickson but still have this Bray one point to it. I am actually starting to get excited about going back to my roots. I have been a Bray for 7 years and it is the name that everyone knows me by so it is bittersweet to let it go. It's time though.

Summer Fredrickson


Courtney said...

You are awesome! My aunt went back to her maiden name too... Crazy that you have to go through so much madness to get it done though!

Anonymous said...

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