Monday, August 4, 2008

The good...the bad...the reunion (not in that order)

This picture is me at age 17. Don't I look innocent?
Well I let my curiosity get the best of me. I caved! I went to my 10 year High School reunion and let me tell you, it wasn't that bad. OK it was a little bad and I was looking for an excuse to leave almost as soon as I got there, but I managed to stay for most of it. As I mentioned in my previous post it was held at our high school, which is a little lame, but the school has been remodeled so it was cool to see inside of it. They served the grown up but still oh so Mormon equivalent of cookies and punch, had a slide show of high school days complete with the sound track of late 90's music, and even played a game of "who has the most kids?". I had the same conversation about a dozen times of what I have been up to for the past 10 years. People still resorted to their old clicks of friends and it was truly like old times where they kept to themselves and I kept to myself which was alright because if we never talked in high school, what could we possibly have to say now?

I did have the chance to reconnect with a few friends that I am quite happy about. In fact, I invited my old friend Trisha to go out with me that night to a birthday party. It was crazy how much we had in common. We are both divorced with no kids and very career oriented. As the night went on we found out more and more we have in common. In Utah women like us are a rare breed, and rarer still because Trisha lives in Vegas!

Ms. Trish, Me and my friend Andy. It's not very often you get 3 brunettes in a picture in the land of milk and honey!

So now it's time for a (hopefully) short rant...
WARNING: Men are not to be trusted!
That same night we went out, much to my surprise, Mr. Larsen was there. I hadn't spoken to him in 4 or 5 days but he knew that I would be at this party. I wasn't really upset or excited to see him because I had been thinking about calling things off but wasn't sure exactly how to because he was never my boyfriend - just the guy I was dating. Anyway, he decided to do me a HUGE favor. Early on in the night I excused myself to find some of our friends and left Andy (who was dressed to kill) sitting next to him. Since Mr. Larsen has a thing for younger women, especially ones in short skirts, he proceeded to hit on her and ask her out but said not to tell me or our friend Karina! The nerve! So of course Andy comes right out and finds me and tells me what happened. Yuck! What a slime bag! Honestly, who do you think you are? Did you think she wouldn't tell me? I surround myself with friends who are incredibly good people.
So, to all my single gals out there, always remember that trust is earned. If you see a red flag in the beginning - do not ignore it!
Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest.

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