Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spiderman Lunch Box and a Thermos of Vodka

Oh Billy Madison, I will be singing that song all day now. If you can do it - I can do it too!

I was on the phone a couple of days ago with a vendor who happens to be an old boss and a friend. She asked me what's new in my life. So I told her I am going back to school. She immediately got all giddy and started rambling on about how proud she was of me and then, laughing, she asked if I had my matching lunch box and thermos. We both started laughing hysterically at the thought of me skipping into class on the first day with my Wonder Woman lunch box. Then we decided that sense this is "grown up" school, the thermos needed a big girl drink and should be filled with vodka. I told this story to Karina the Russian Queen and she said that it had to be a Spiderman lunch box because,'s a long story. Let's just say that Spiderman is our hero. We like what he is throwing down. Plus seeing Karinas' son get all excited and act like Spiderman always makes us giggle.

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